High-End Cosmetic Kiosk Design Beauty Salon Booth Cabinet for Sale

A beauty salon kiosk is found nearly in every shopping mall. It’s good to promote the company brand theme and earn money. Because consumers can do grooming while shopping and can find you at a fixed booth. The mall will also review the settled merchants to protect the rights and interests of customers. Today, I want to share a nice beauty salon booth cabinet sharing with you.

nail polish kiosk

Description of cosmetic kiosk

This cosmetic kiosk uses MDF to make the counter body, and the surface material is glossy baking paint. We use golden metal to decorate the kiosk, which makes the cosmetic kiosk look good. The cosmetic kiosk includes a display counter, business logo, lighting box painting, etc. We can arrange them in a suitable area.

eyebrow threading kiosk


This beauty kiosk has 2 entrances, one is for providing skin monitoring services. Clients can sit down and accept services. While another has a beauty bed inside, there is a high wall that prevents clients’ privacy. We can see there is a working area in the middle, that increases the working efficiency.

hair kiosk

Back wall

We can add a glass showcase on the countertop, that can show items for sale. Clients can also purchase goods when they leave. However, we can also add a lightbox painting on the wall, so that clients can know your shop and business from far away.

We can also add your business on the wall to remind people of your business. You can also add flooring to the kiosk. If you have new ideas, just contact us. We can make your thoughts come true and show them in a 3D design.

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