Grey color cosmetic kiosk nail polish display stand 3D design

Welcome to visit our company website. You may look for a cosmetic kiosk to start the business. For you to start a cosmetic business you can make a cosmetic retail kiosk. In the shopping mall center, we can see many kinds of retail mall kiosks for selling different kinds of products.

This is a grey color cosmetic kiosk nail polish display stand 3D design. Let us introduce the details of it. Hope it can give you some suggestions for the cosmetic kiosk design.



The size of this cosmetic kiosk is about 3x2m. One side is for displaying the nail polish. And another side is for displaying the cosmetic products. The front side is a cashier counter and a small display area. It has a removable display stand as the entrance door. You can push it to enter and out.

The cosmetic kiosk design has the 3d acrylic lighted logo. Under the stainless steel toe kick has the white color led strip light. It has a gold color stainless steel pillar put a lighted box logo.

For the color of the cosmetic kiosk design, you can choose your favorite color. Usually, a kiosk does not have more than three colors.



Our company can provide a customized cosmetic kiosk design service to you. You can let us know the product you will sell then we make the 3d design to fit your need. For a retail mall kiosk, the most important part is the display area. So before we start to make the 3d design, we can discuss the layout. Where to put and what kind of product needs to be put etc.

A customized 3d cosmetic kiosk design service will charge a 300USD design deposit. And we will send it to you in 3-5 working days.

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