Fashion type cosmetic kiosk mall retail skin care product display stand

Tea is now being used more frequently in skin products to ward off cancer and signs of aging. It has many kinds of skin care products for sale on the market. To make a skin care product kiosk in the shopping mall to start the business is a good idea.

Here we have a fashion type cosmetic kiosk mall retail skin care product display stand design. It is a small size but also has enough space for the display area. Let us have a look together.



On the front side has a counter with a logo and a lighted box. This counter can as a cashier counter and a reception counter. The back and right side is the display area of the products. It has wooden display shelves and the acrylic countertop display to display the products.

On the top has the lighted logo with the customer’s brand name. The bottom is the storage cabinet can for you to put something. For the material, we can use plywood with wooden color laminate for the surface finish. Or MDF with veneer finish is both good.



You can check our website for your favorite design and let us know the size you want. But because different customer has their different requirement for the cosmetic kiosk. Usually, we need to make a new 3d cosmetic kiosk model with the size and the logo you want.

If you have your own design, also send it to us. Then we can quote the price to you directly. Our customized 3d design service will charge a 300USD design deposit.

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