How to match the bag and the shape of the bag?

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The style of the bag is roughly divide into single shoulder, double shoulder, diagonal and hand bag. After scientific analysis shows that from the point of view of labor saving and health. The best is the backpack, followed by crossbody bag, shoulder bag. The worst is the hand bag or the bag hanging on the forearm. This is because the backpack force is the most uniform, and the shoulder backpack because the shoulder shoulder needs to bear the larger gravity, easy to lead to high and low shoulders and shoulder pain. Crossbody bag can be the shoulder by the weight sprea to the back and waist, more effort. If you hold the bag in your hand for a long time, your arms and shoulders will feel numb and weak; Let’s look the bag type.

There are many people like to hang the bag on the forearm, feel decent and generous, but they do not know that the wrist is in the same position for a long time or excessive use of wrist force will lead to carpal tunnel syndrome due to repeated chronic fatigue damage. Driftwood canvas bag design center reminds: in addition to the type of backpack, pay attention to the choice of backpack, should not be too large. Put things not too much, to back after easy, no sense of pressure is appropriate. If there are too many things, you can separate them. The wider the bag belt of the backpack and shoulder bag, the better. The thin shoulder belt is press on the shoulder, the force area is small, the pressure is increase. And the long back will aggravate the muscle strain of the shoulder and neck.



Choosing a suitable bag to match your styling can add a lot of points to your overall styling. But choosing the wrong bag will not only add color to your styling. But will make the styling look very unsuccessful. Therefore, while women pay attention to clothing, the collocation of bags is also very important, I will tell you how to choose a bag that suits your style, and hope to provide some help for everyone’s daily collocation.


This kind of bag is more suitable for office workers, and the color is mostly black, coffee, white monochrome or dark plaid. Considering that white-collar workers need to wear formal clothes when working. And the clothing color is also mostly black, white, coffee and other dark colors. So the choice of bags should have a distinctive style in style and details. Such as tassels, rivets, metal chains, inset decoration and other details, can add highlights to a dull color.

Leisure type

This bag is more casual, crossbody, backpack, single shoulder based, most suitable for going out shopping, outing to use. This kind of bag volume is generally relatively large, there is sufficient capacity, and the fabric is mostly based on canvas and denim fabric. And this kind of bag is very suitable for DIY, like to decorate badges on the bag, pendant girls, you can enjoy your collocation talent.

Luxury type

This bag has relatively few opportunities to use, and is generally suitable for banquets, dances, weddings and other occasions. In the choice of fabric, you can choose silk, beads and other gorgeous shiny materials, the style of the handbag and handbag mainly, the volume is best to choose a small type, can fully show the modesty of women, elegant.

Clear type

This type of bag, as the name suggests, is rich and bright in color, lively in style, and brings a fresh feeling. This kind of bag is used more frequently in spring and summer. Because the clothes in this season are mainly light colors, just with colorful bags. But this type of bag is best not to choose too big style. Because I personally think that the colorful big bag is more suitable for the tall body and skin color of Europeans and Americans. And it is difficult for Asians to back the tropical style. So choose small style safety factor is relatively high.

Cute type

This kind of bag is loved by the majority of girl groups, this bag is novel, cute style, different fabrics, available for the majority of girl groups to choose. This bag is suitable for lively, cute, outgoing, open girls to use. This kind of bag is suitable for use in spring, summer, autumn and winter. And there is no need to match any hanging decorations for assembly, and the bag itself is cute enough.



Black bag – noble, elegant, mysterious, sexy, charm can match the color of the clothes: white, gray, rice, blue.

White bag – clear, peaceful, pure can match the color of the clothes – can match any color uniform

Gray Bag – Mature neutral color can be matched with any color

Coffee and beige bag – mature, sophisticated, quiet (cold rice, warm rice) can match the color of the clothes – basic colors (black, white, gray, blue)

Blue bag – deep + mysterious quiet, fresh, rational, deep can match the color of clothes – basic color white and black (bag, shoes)

Dark light blue bag – yellow, red

Red bag – Passionate and romantic, sexy can match the color of the clothes – black, white, yellow, blue, green

Green bag – the color of nature, cool, vitality can match the color of the clothes: the best black, white and each deep light green, but also with the adjacent yellow, complementary red (preferably not solid color)

Pink bag – feminine colors can match the color of the clothes – white, black, dark pink – rose

Purple bag – noble and elegant color, women like, but it is difficult to match the color of the clothes can match the color – the same color different shades of purple; Black, white, yellow, gray

Orange bag – Passionate and vibrant colors can match the color of the clothes – between orange and yellow; Available with basic colors, white, black, green, all kinds of blueprint case clothing.

All in all

In the matching of bags, accessories and clothing, color plays a decisive role. The combination of the same color system but distinct layers can create a generous and elegant shape. Bag and wearing color is strongly in contrast, such as black dress with bright red bag and shoes, is a bright personality match; The bag can also be any color chosen in the pattern of floral skirt or printed top, and the overall feeling is lively but elegant.

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