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We recently make many bag store furniture and ship to the different destination port. It’s a profitable thing to open a bag shop, as people always buy more bags to suit different clothes and occasions. Not only women like to buy bags, but men also like to buy bags. Such as handbags, wallets, suitcases, handbags, etc. Here is a nice bag store decoration sharing with you.

Bag store furniture design

Before opening a bag store, we should purchase a display counter, wall cabinet, display shelf. They should put in a good location that showcases items well.

Bag display cabinet decoration

As we can see in the picture, there is a wall display shelf standing close to the wall. Which not only decorates the wall but also shows more items better. There is an island counter in the shop center, mainly used to share a set of bags like luggage bags, backpacks, handbags, and wallets. So people can purchase it well. We can also see another kind of bag display cabinet. It has a 3-layer double-sided display cabinet, which is very suitable for placing wallets in order. We can also add a display rack to hang small bags, it can make your store full of changes and make it easy for customers to buy.

bag store design

Color information

The main color of the bag store furniture is white. It reflects all light and makes the black bag stand out. The whole store also uses brown wood and metal color for decoration. They make the luggage store more modern. We can also use other colors as you need.

Material introduction

The kiosk body is MDF with white baking paint. Silver metal frames mainly use to create a modern style and good match the furniture decoration. Other materials include stainless steel and a light lamp. Please don’t forget to attach a mirror to the brand wall, which makes the shop look brighter and bigger, and customers can see if the bag is suitable for them.

Story to create the bag store design

The customer sent us an inquiry. He owns a retail store and wants to adopt new and modern furniture designs. We confirmed the design details with him and agreed to carry out a 3D design to display the information. Our designer spent 5 working days making a 3D design to show all the details. When he saw the design, he liked it and thanked us very much for our service. Our designers have professional display cabinet design skills, and I am sure that they can help customers get a satisfactory design. Design service charges 500usd, it will be used as part of the deposit in the total amount.

loguage store display

Steps to get the bag store design

First, measure the shop size and decide the furniture location. It’s very important because shop furniture is built based on ideas.

Second, make the 3D design model according to the requirement. The design team will first take a meeting and get a good design plan. After the design is completed, they will repeatedly check to ensure that the design is novel and practical.

Third, check and confirm the design drawing. If you have new ideas, we can also add them to the design picture soon.

Finally, fill out the construction drawing for the production. Construction drawings show the size, layout, material, electronics, etc. clearly.

When to receive the bag store furniture

For a 60 square meter bag of shop furniture, it usually needs about 28 workdays to manufacture. So, if you have a clear design, it’s better to reserve 2 months to get it. As shipping by sea also takes time.

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