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Products are the soul of the shop, and good shop design is essential. The same product, different store designs can bring different feelings to people. The unique store design can not only bring visual experience, but also promote sales.

Details Of Shoe Bag Stores

Reasonable spatial layout. We can see from the picture the interior design of this shop, which is both fashionable and practical. The design is mainly based on display showcases, and put in around the wall sides. Small benches are set up next to the columns where clients can sit when they need to try on shoes. The small bench is equipped with LED lights inside, which not only makes the store distinctive also can improve the purchase of shoes. And the color is mainly white and brown, which can highlight the features of the product.

Make the products display neatly.A unique display counter can attract the customer’s attention. The handbag display counter is made of toughened glass, and put the same style of handbags on the counter to highlight their different colors. In addition, large mirrors are set to increase customers’ desire to buy bags. Do you like this shop design? We can create your ideal store design based on your store floor plan. And add new ideas on the display showcase.

More Information

  • Size: 90sqm or the size of your store
  • Main material: MDF and baking paint
  • Other materials: Tempered glass, light lamp, stainless steel, etc.
  • Design fee: 500usd-800usd depends on shop size. It will be deducted from the total price.
  • Production time: 22-28 working days, base on the shoe bag stores furniture quantity.
  • Shipping time: about 30 days for shipping by sea. The exact time depends on the port in your country.

How To Open A Shoe Bag Store?

We need to do the design first, and that’s the first step to get started. We can make the design work according to your shop floor plan and all requirements. Such as color, style, and logo, etc. All the furniture you need can show in 3D design, so you can see the whole store effect. Before the design, we need to charge a design deposit of 600-1000 USD, which is the symbol of our cooperation and also to ensure that our design can meet your requirements. We will deduct it from the order.

We will send the design to you in 5-7 days. After you confirm the 3D design and construction drawing, you need to pay 50% of the order deposit, and then we will arrange the production. Once the production starts, no modification is allowed. We will proceed step by step according to the construction drawing strictly. So you need to check the design and construction drawings carefully.

More services About us

The production time will probably take 20-28 working days. During the production process, if you need, we will also take photos and videos for you, so that you can know the production schedule. We will inform you to pay the balance payment after production is finished so that we can deliver the goods smoothly for you.

When the production is finished, make cleaning on the product first. we will pack them with foam inside and wood crate outside to protect the products from damage during the transportation.

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