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The stones seem mysterious. There was no movement, but as Shakespeare said, “The silence of gems is more touching than any words.” Gemstones can have a subtle effect on our lives.When you go to the mall in a depressed mood, but only my favorite gems suddenly feel better. These jewels can put people in a good mood for the whole day. This speaks volumes about the soft healing power of gems. Seeing beautiful things, there will be inexplicable love in the heart. Because like the mood will naturally get better. Beautiful. For the choice of jewelry, many people may still be blind. I don’t know how to choose the right stone for me. There is a secret to choosing gems. For example, stones of different colors can be chosen to wear according to the season. May be cooler, depending on the size of the trip may also be different, according to the type of choice of different gems to wear, may also be more to yourself. How to choose the jewelry?

1.Jewelry of choice for young women

Let’s start with young women. Young women usually like to accessorize their clothes with jewelry. Simple stones are recommended for young women. Because simple gems can not only reflect young women’s sense of pursuit of fashion, but also show the charm of the heart. Because simple gems, although not exaggerated, have the effect that exaggerated gems cannot replace. So I recommend that young women choose simple gemstone accessories to express their charm, or choose shapes with special rules like hearts or circles to express their beauty.

2.Jewelry of choice for mature women

It is recommended that more mature women, or older women choose green stones. Because the green gemstone is very dazzling, it can give people a striking feeling. This can also have the effect of aging.

3.Momofuku earrings selection

If you are a sophisticated woman, you must have the right clothes. But I also recommend a simple design with classical elements. This will not only match well, but also not too exaggerated, very eye-catching. This is also a unique feature of simple earrings. Gemstones are small, but their sparkle is infinite.

How to choose the jewelry? You must first consider the following questions:

1. Find out the use scenario of wearing

Jewelry is also a work of art and comes in many styles. However, the style classification of jewelry is not so clear, according to the region, there are Eastern style, European and American style; According to the country, there are French, Italian, Chinese and so on.

Work business occasions, leisure occasions, party occasions are different, wear things are not the same. Nowadays, many designers will design for different scenes, and it will be easier to choose jewelry from this perspective.

2. Your own style of dress

According to their own style of dress, it can be divided into daily decoration, outdoor sports, etc., or classical wind, national wind, natural wind, artistic wind, fashion wind, weird wind. Jewelry belongs to durable goods, and you must choose your favorite style to love it.

3. There is no such thing as a cheap pick up

A penny a penny goods, buy no sell fine, never want to pick up. Gold, gem raw materials have been rising in price, like to buy on the line.Secondly, it can be selected according to the part you wear. Jewelry development so far, there are many interesting parts to wear.

On the ears: earrings, studs, earrings;

Worn around the neck: necklace, pendant, one-piece chain;

To wear on the nose: nose ring, nose stud;

Worn on the finger: a ring; A bracelet; A bracelet;

To be worn on the head: a crown;

Worn on the feet: anklet; On the chest: Brooch.

Finally, choose according to the budget, compare the brand and price

We know that there are many kinds of gems, different materials of gems, wear different effects, of course, the price is different. Then at this time we have to make a trade-off, you want to have a unique effect, or you want to choose one in ten thousand prices, the pursuit of the highest cost performance. Your choices will vary depending on what you want.

Now you know how to choose the jewelry? So you will definitely consider the brand and the price, the above you have determined, then just with a good want to buy the model to the jewelry brand merchants to compare prices, style selection.

Today, we will share with you some of the selection methods inside the color treasure.

1.Pay attention to the value of the jewelry itself

The value of the jewelry itself is not equal to the price, for some experts Amoy, Amoy good goods, resell can sell higher prices, that is to earn, some friends buy back high prices of color treasure, second-hand out but broken bones will be collected, for example, friends in order to get married in the well-known jewelry chain bought a 3w diamond ring, but because the bride price did not talk about the marriage does not get married, This unused diamond ring to the store recycling, people are only willing to pay 5k yuan to buy back. Because this diamond quality craft setting is only worth this price, the premium of buying more is given the meaning of marriage, and the brand awareness premium of the store, so the price of recycling is greatly discounted.

2. Shop around

Don’t believe too much of the shop to you, such as how good the jade, how rare, the color texture is completely beautiful, there can be no fake what, this time to pay attention to, there are no gems that can not be manually processed, any gems have fake goods. And there are more fakes of low-priced jewelry. Every time I go to a jewelry exhibition, there will be jewelry appraisal at the door, you can choose to identify first and then buy, if there is a store to provide you with an appraisal certificate, but you still have doubts in your mind, you can put up some money to identify, because it does not rule out unscrupulous merchants to do some articles on the certificate.

3.Look at the gem can not only look at one side

Many gemstones are particularly beautiful in color, but the texture and clarity are not very good, so be careful, because there is only one aspect prominent, the stone is not necessarily valuable, affecting the price of gems are not a single element, but a series of comprehensive conditions piled up, the general gemstone to see color, clarity, size, texture, fire color a series of conditions. If only one condition is met, then the stone is worthless.

4.Diamonds can appreciate in value

The condition of diamond appreciation is that its quality can pass, diamond is one of the internationally recognized gems, it has a complete price standard and quality evaluation, and the price of diamonds is rising steadily every year. Good quality diamonds of less than one carat also hold their value. If you have friends around you, diamonds do not hold their value, because the quality of diamonds is ordinary, you are buying the price of brand awareness.

5.Uncarved jade is good jade

There is a saying in the industry, “good jade is not cut”, many beautifully carved jade jade, the quality is not so good, carving is to cover up the defects of the jade itself, referred to as “avoid carving”, so you will find that the price of jade is basically not very low.

6.Gold stick jade is low quality

A lot of low-price gold paste jade, pretty good match, some people think that bought gold and bought jade, but also very cheap! It is cheap because it is not valuable, basically low-quality jade with about 0.1 grams of gold, the highest cost is small three digits, and the price is very low. As long as it is a bit of quality jade, will not be willing to make gold stick jade.

7.High quality goods really fragrant

As you see more jewelry, as well as the increase of their own experience, you will gradually regret some of the low products you bought, remember that “it is better to buy a high product, not to buy ten low products”, have seen the fine people, the eyes are really difficult to move away.

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