Modern style jewelry kiosk glass display cabinet for the mall

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people like to buy jewelry to decorate themselves. Not only women but also many men like to wear jewelry. It can be an accessory used for matching clothing and embodiment of temperament. Many different kinds of beautiful jewelry attract people’s eyes. There are many jewelry stores and jewelry kiosks in the shopping mall.

If you are the first time to start a jewelry business, you can try to make a jewelry kiosk for a start. It is easier and lower cost. Today let us see a modern style jewelry kiosk glass display cabinet for the mall.



This is a jewelry kiosk with a size of about 4x3m. The display area of the jewelry kiosk is a glass display cabinet on the front. To show different jewelry products clearly to the customers. Inside is the sliding door and bottom of the display area we can make it a storage drawer or storage cabinet.

On the front of the middle is a small cashier counter. The advertising area is on the corner of the jewelry kiosk. With the lighted logo and lighted box for advertising. You can put the price list or poster as you like.

How to make a customized 3D design?

After you find a location in the shopping mall, you need to get the location size first. Then you may need to send the design to the shopping mall management to get approval. Our design team can make a customized 3D design for the jewelry kiosk so that you can send it to the shopping mall.

Our design team will create a new 3D model according to your location size and logo. Usually, the layout of a jewelry kiosk is a cashier counter, glass display shelf cabinet and some advertising area.




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