USA 11x11ft customize size jewelry kiosk design high-end display booth

Girls decked themselves out with fine jewels. Each girl was wearing several pieces of jewelry. The jewelry offers a very different expression of identity. In the shopping mall, we can see there are many display booths selling different kinds of products. You can make a jewelry kiosk in the middle of the shopping mall to start your business. 

This is a USA 11x11ft customize size jewelry kiosk design high-end display booth we want to introduce to you in this article. We just finished it and shipped it to the USA.



The size of this jewelry kiosk design is 11x11ft. We customized it with the size that our customers provide to us. Because the location of each customer is not the same and they have their own brand logo also. In the middle of the jewelry kiosk are a small cashier counter and a pillar with a lighted logo & lighted box. The four corners are the tower display stand and others is the glass display showcase.



The material of this high-end jewelry kiosk is MDF with baking paint. The color is pure white color but we can make it with any colors you want. And the glass is 8mm tempered glass, we have 10mm tempered glass and 12mm tempered glass. But usually using 8mm tempered glass is enough otherwise it will be too heavy.

All the accessories like the same lock with key, handle, and stainless steel toe kick are all included. The light is the led strip light, it also has other colors for the lights you can choose your favorite. Inside the cashier counter, we will install the main power box, plugs, and switch for the lights here. The main wire is come out from here so that you can connect it to your mall power supply.

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