Stylish High-end Jewelry Kiosk with Unique Design for Jewelry Sale

Here is a special style jewelry kiosk, very beautiful among jewelry shops. We have custom-made this type of kiosk many sets. So I introduce this one to you. You can refer to it or you can also require an upgrade to modify based on it. We have a professional design team, can satisfy your needs and help your new kiosk kiosk

The layout of the jewelry kiosk appearance

The main color is black and the counter body material is MDF. First, we prepare a wooden body, and then make the baking paint to the finish. We add the purple led strip light on the counter and the base area. For the display cabinet, we use high-strength tempered glass. The glass box bottom is a white baking paint countertop, which is adapt the jewelry well. It can make your product looks more shining. jewelry kiosk

Look at the cabinet inside, we can see the jewelry shelf in it. For each piece of jewelry, have a corresponding shelf to put. What’s more, you can see some mannequins with necklaces.

 Jewelry Counter display layout

All in all, every counter we made has many storage drawers with a lock and key and other hardware. Meanwhile, we design an entrance door for employees to enter, including a cashier counter for use. This kiosk interior space is big, so you can put some chairs to seat, it depends on you. jewelry kiosk

Other details about the kiosk’s design

This is a so different and unique kiosk, the size is 4*3m, which is what we designed for our customers. We are a customized kiosk manufacturer. So if you are also interested in this kiosk, we need to design a new one for you according to your size, style, logo, and other needs. But before you get a professional 3d design, you need to pay the design fee first.

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