Direct factory custom made hot sale jewelry kiosk retail mall booth

The girls love to deck themselves out with fine jewelry. Jewelry is one of the favorite products of many women. We can see many jewelry stores everywhere on the street. The jewelry business is a high profit but the cost is also high. So if you do not have enough budget in the beginning, you can make a jewelry kiosk rather than a jewelry store.

Today in this article, we want to introduce a direct factory custom made hot sale jewelry kiosk retail mall booth design to you. Let us have a look together.



This is a hot sale jewelry kiosk with the top. The top four sides all have the lighted acrylic logo. And the top has many spotlights. On the four corners are the high display cabinet with the spotlights on the top also. They are wooden display shelves.

In the middle of the two sides has two display cabinets on each side. They are glass cover with wooden storage cabinet on the bottom.

The material of this jewelry kiosk is MDF with baking paint. And the glass is tempered glass, including all the lights and wires.



Do you want to own a beautiful jewelry kiosk like this? If so, let us start with a customized jewelry kiosk design first. You can check on our current models to choose your favorite design. Then we can change the logo to your brand logo and make it with the size you need.

Meanwhile, if you do not have a favorite design on our current model. Our design team can make a new unique jewelry kiosk design for you. If you have your own design also send it to us then we can quote you.

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