The world’s top ten luxury jewelry brands

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If diamonds are the ultimate luxury that women can’t resist, then jewelry is the treasure that everyone loves!

Each brand has its own meaning of existence, these brands represent the jewelry industry’s highest craft of fashion art, with a gorgeous crystal posture, conquered every pair of eyes looking at them. Some jewelry brands have become big names not only because of their age, but also because of the inheritance of their classic jewelry generation after generation. Jewelry is a very attractive thing, both boys and girls, are very fond of jewelry, boys will buy a diamond ring for their beloved girls before proposing marriage.


Top 10 jewelry brands in the world:


Brand image: History and wild beauty.

This famous brand, praised by King Edward VII of England as “the Emperor’s jeweler, the jeweler’s Emperor”, has created many wonderful works in more than 150 years. These works are not only the creation of fine jewelry watches, but also have a high value in art, worth appreciating and enjoying, and often because they have belong to celebrities, and have been cover with a layer of legend. Cartier was born in 1847 in Paris, France, as a hundred years of jewelry family, it has the world’s best design and the best craftsmanship, to create many jewelry and watch masterpieces, is one of the world’s most excellent jewelers.

The jewelry collection mainly includes rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. And the works cover many important design styles in the history of Cartier. Examples include a 1910 Garland Style diamond necklace, a 1926 Arabic Trefoil headband, an Art Deco vase brooch from 1928, and a naturalistic flower brooch from 1967. One of the most classic is the Panthere design. From the huge necklace customized by the Indian prince, to the tiger-shaped glasses that accompanied the Duchess of Windsor, and the French College sword full of symbols of the great scholar Cocteau, Cartier tells a legend story.

2. Darry Ring

Brand image: Witness and inheritance of the only true love in life.

The world has been give the world’s most romantic marriage ring brand, marriage ring sales No.1 in the world. The uniqueness of the Darry Ring is that men can only customize one ring in their lifetime with their ID. With the only concept of true love, Darry Ring interprets the true meaning of the engagement ring, making Darry Ring a symbol of taste and style in the global engagement ring brand.

Since the brand’s first appearance at the world’s top jewelry fair, Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show, the perfect integration of the exquisite craftsmanship of international masters and the concept of TRUE LOVE for a century has made the brand the focus of the world’s attention. In addition, Darry Ring’s Pink Warmth high-end custom diamond ring series is a realization of Jean Vendome’s dream of “Color Your Love with color”, the father of contemporary jewelry in France. Today, Darry Ring has become the first choice for lovers around the world to show their true love and prove their commitment.


Brand image: solemn and fashion classic.

September 18, 1837, Charles. Lewis Tiffany borrowed $1,000 as capital to open a stationery and daily use boutique called Tiffany&Young at 259 Broadway Street in New York City. The opening day turnover was only $4.98. At the time of Tiffany’s death in 1902, she left a fortune of $35 million. From a small stationery boutique to one of the largest jewelry companies in the world today, “classic” has become synonymous with TIFFANY, because there are too many people who are proud to wear TIFFANY jewelry, which is deposit with history and developed until now.

As a world-renowned jewelry and watch brand, Tiffany is know for diamond and silver products, known as the “queen of the jewelry industry”, deeply sought after and loved by women around the world, HardWear, Knot series, T series, keys series have a high degree of recognition, is the first choice for many girls’ big-name jewelry entry, suitable for daily wear.

4. Bvlgari

Brand image: Luxury.

The brand originate in Greece and is find by Sotirio. Bulgari was a silversmith in the Epirus region of Greece. In 1879, Sotirio emigrated to Naples, Italy, and in 1884 he opened a silver shop in Rome, specializing in fine silver carvings. Bulgari B.zero1 series is famous for its bold industrial design style. It is a must-have item for Bulgari jewelry. It can be press and bounced, which is more suitable for women who love low-key luxury. There are also unique iconic series accessories such as snake shape, fan shape and four-leaf grass.

5. VanCleef&Arpels

Brand image: noble temperament and style.

Van Cleef & Arpels is a famous French jewelry watch brand, founded in Paris in 1906, has been adhering to the gorgeous purpose for a hundred years, the combination of nature, fairland and art vivid, like a beautiful and romantic elf possessed, each piece of jewelry is rich in soul like poetry. Since its birth, Van Cleef & Arpels has been a top jewelry brand especially love by aristocrats and celebrities all over the world. Legendary historical figures and celebrities all choose Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry to show their incomparable noble temperament and style. The beginning of jewelry implies the beautiful love words. Its story stems from an extraordinary marriage. At the end of the 19th century, Estelle Learpels married Alfredo de Leef, two jewellers also from the Netherlands.

After marriage, they created a jewelry business with both surnames as the name of the jewelry store. The two jewelry families combine their respective expertise in the tireless pursuit of the ultimate jewelry art. In 1906, the first Van Cleef & Arpels boutique opened in the Place de la Fontaine in Paris, the haunt of the most international celebrities of the time, and a century of jewelry legends began. In the conventional model, there are classic “four-leaf clover” Alhambra series, natural style Frivole series, bright and lively Perlee series, of which Alhambra series has become one of the most representative works.


6. HarryWinston

Brand image: Royal classic.

It is find in 1932 by Harry Winston in the United States. Over the years, it has become one of the most well-known jewelry brands with its exquisite diamond setting technology. Queen Elizabeth, the Duchess of Windsor and other royal nobles are the preferences of Harry Winston jewelry. It renowned for more than 100 years, the world’s super jewelry brand. The exquisite craftsmanship and careful consideration in the cutting of diamonds. It always make the diamond to increase the value of several times. Harry Winston’s classic Cluster design begin in the 1940s and was inspire by nature. The Lily Cluster collection, inspired by classical lily pattern sketches, can add more sparkle to your dream Greek evening dress.

7. Derier

Brand image: The ultimate pursuit of craftsmanship.

In 1837, LouiseDerier(1807-1874), the founder of Derier. He opened a shop specializing in gold, silver and jewelry inlays at GrandsBoulevards in Paris. Due to the unique craftsmanship of the family tradition and the serious work spirit of LouiseDerier. The Tijue family has been respect by the upper class products.

8. Damiani

Brand image: fashionable and full of design sense.

The beginning of the Damiani family and jewelry can be trace back to 1924, the founder EnricoGrassiDamiani set up a small studio in Valenza, Italy, gorgeous jewelry design style. So that his reputation rapidly expanded, becoming the exclusive jewelry designer designated by many influential families at that time. After his death, the second generation of Damiano in addition to adhering to the traditional design style, he also added modern and popular creative elements. He also actively transformed the studio into a jewelry brand and reinterpreted the diamond glow with the unique Lunette(half-moon diamond setting) technique

And since 1976, Damiani’s works have successively won the International Diamond Awards (its importance is like the Oscar award of film art)18 times. So that Damiani truly occupies a place in the international jewelry market. And this is also an important reason for Damiani to attract the attention of Brad Pitt. BlueMoon, an award-winning 1996 piece by current design director Silvia, inspired the heartthrob to collaborate with her on jewelry design, designing an engagement ring for Jennifer Aniston and a wedding ring. The Unity(now renamed D-side) and P-romise collections, which sold like hot buttons in Japan, respectively. This also gave Brad Pitt a new title of jewelry designer.`

9. Boucheron

Brand image: Understated luxury.

Boucheron, a famous French luxury timepiece and jewelry brand with a reputation of 150 years, will recently open a gorgeous curtain at 18 Bund, the fashion capital of Shanghai. As a top jewelry brand under the GUCCI Group, Boucheron is find in 1858, know for its perfect cutting technology and high-quality gemstone quality, is a leader in the jewelry industry, a symbol of luxury. Today, Boucheron is an international brand with boutiques in Europe, Russia, the United States, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, as well as opening its first boutique in mainland China, Store 18 on the Bund.

Boucheron is one of the few jewelers in the world. It has always maintained the exquisite craftsmanship and traditional style of fine jewelry and watches. The design of the brand is both gorgeous and restrained, very suitable for friends. It want to improve their taste after dabbling in the jewelry world, among which Quatre series design is low-key, simple and textic. It is the most popular and classic series of Boucheron.


Brand image: The king of Asian pearls.

The founder of Mikimoto Jewelry, Mr. Mikimoto Yukiki enjoys the reputation of “the King of Pearls” (the PearlKing). It has a long history of 110 years. This year Mikimoto Jewelry opened its first store in Shanghai, showing the world the infinite charm of various pearl jewellery. It now has 103 stores around the world and is manage by the fourth generation of the family, Toshihiko Mikimoto. Mr. ITO is currently the President of the company. Mikimoto Jewelry will launch a new “Diamond Collection” in Shanghai next year. Mikimoto Jewellery has an eternal pursuit of classic quality and elegant perfection. And it is well deserve to be know as the “King of Pearls”.

All in all

The above is a brief introduction to the world’s top ten jewellery brands. In the world of jewellery design, we often find design inspiration in the natural things around us. Whether it is flowers and plants in the plant world, or beasts and creatures in the animal world. They provide endless treasure houses of inspiration for jewellery designers. And they are turn into bright and exquisite jewellery under the hands of talented designers. A variety of beautiful and colorful jewelry lines were also born. The world famous brand jewellery also has its own highly recognizable masterpieces, which have become totemic symbols representing their respective brands.

Italian style Bulgari to Tiffany with a key, from Cartier cheetah to Earl of roses. These jewellery brands have their own representatives, relying on these representatives to produce a series of creative design, and long-term heritage of the brand style. Because the price of jewelry is very expensive, we should pay more attention to maintenance at ordinary times. Such as when storing jewelry, the jewelry is store in a box or soft cloth. So that it will not contact with other jewellery. Most gemstones are harder than gold, silver or platinum and may scratch the surface of other jewellery if not kept apart.

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