Pink and gold color lovely jewelry kiosk for the shopping mall

Accessorizing had a very important role also, the more extravagant you were wearing furs, belts or jewelries of a great value the more important role you had in the upper class. Jewelry accessories are a great way to match your outfit. When people get rich they will buy jewelry to decorate themselves.

This is a pink and gold color lovely jewelry kiosk for the shopping mall. You can use this kind of jewelry kiosk to start your own jewelry business. The design is elegant and beautiful with a good quality.



This lovely jewelry kiosk is pink color with gold color stainless steel frame. On the top has a big 3d acrylic lighted logo and the ceiling installed spotlights. On the top four sides of the jewelry kiosk all have a big lighted logo. The customer can see the jewelry products through the glass display showcase. On the top of each glass display showcase all has the led strip light for the jewelry.
On the jewelry kiosk design, not only can put the logo but also can put the price list, posters or advertising TV. It can help you to decorate the jewelry kiosk also the customer can know well your product.


If you want to start a jewelry kiosk business, we need to make a customized 3d design first. Please send us your logo and the size of the jewelry kiosk you want. Our design team will make it with the style you want and use your logo and fit your business.

Usually, the shopping mall will require 3d design and construction drawing. You need to send it to the mall for approval. We will make the 3d design first to see the effect. After you confirm the final 3d design, we will make the construction drawing for you to confirm all the details.

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