How to care for our bags? and some repair methods

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Start early with proper leather care. The new bags, which seem to be only one or two years old, are actually more than 40 years old, and various antique bags are leading the fashion in vintages fashion stores such as New York and Paris. If you want your beautiful bag to become an “immortal classic”. You must use professional leather care products to carefully maintain it in the early days. This is the biggest secret to bag care. You must not only send the bag to the professional store after the damage, so that it is often “too late to regret”.

Leather bag

The bag to be collect in the season, must be clean before storage. And the bag should be put into a clean shredded paper or cotton shirt to maintain the shape of the bag. And then put the bag into the soft cotton bag, the bag collect in the cabinet should avoid improper extrusion and deformation. The cabinet for leather products must be kept ventilate, such as the cabinet with shutter doors is better. And it is best not to put too many items in the cabinet. The natural oils of the leather itself will gradually decrease over time or with excessive use. So even very advanced leather items need regular maintenance.

The bag of leather material is mainly make of cowhide, sheepskin, pig skin, PVC material, suede, etc., the main component is protein, so it is easy to be damp, mildew, insects. To this end, when using leather bags, avoid contact with oil, acid and alkaline substances. Leather bags should be regularly sent to professional leather maintenance shops for thorough cleaning and disinfection. In the cleaning process of using professional equipment and technology, special agents for mildew and sterilization are add to completely remove various germs and molds, fundamentally avoiding the occurrence of mildew. After comprehensive cleaning, it is properly store, which plays an important role in maintaining its original appearance and extending its wearing life.



The bag will be attached with maintenance instructions. In fact, pay attention to the following points. General leather bags need to be regularly on the maintenance of oil, irregular cleaning. The practice is to wipe the oil on a clean cotton cloth. And then evenly wipe the surface, to avoid the oil directly on the leather, to avoid damage to the leather, special attention is to avoid chemical damage, hard leather bags to avoid the impact and scratch of hard objects. Leather absorption is strong, should pay attention to anti-fouling, high-grade sanded leather should pay particular attention to. Once a week, moisten a dry towel with water and wring it out. Repeat several times for light wiping.

If there is a stain on the leather, wipe it with a clean, wet sponge with a warm detergent and let it dry naturally. Try it out in an inconspicuous corner before using it. If stained with grease, can be use to wipe clean by cloth, the rest by its natural dissipation or cleaning agent clean, do not scrub with water. Leather hardware maintenance, should be wipe with a dry cloth after use.

If it is slightly oxidize, try to gently wipe the hardware with flour or toothpaste. Lacquered leather generally only needs to be wipe with soft cloth. Its own gloss is enough and it is not easy to absorb dust. Gloss leather maintenance, please use a little leather maintenance special oil on the soft fabric. And then slightly rub on the leather. Dull leather maintenance, usually only need to wipe with a cloth. If the dirt is serious, you can try to remove with a rubber like rubber gently wipe.

The natural oils

The natural oils of the leather itself will gradually decrease over time or with excessive use, so even very advanced leather items need regular maintenance.

If there are spots and black spots on leather, try dabbing with alcohol of the same color leather. When the suede products are soiled, they can be wiped off directly with an eraser, and then brushed flat with a soft brush along the direction of the hair during maintenance.

All metal fittings and zippers should be carefully protected. Moisture and high salt content will cause oxidation of the hardware.

Fabric bag

The fabric of the bag is generally canvas, denim, cotton lining is generally nylon and cotton. In general, the bag can be dry clean or washed, more stripes. More bright color of the bag must be dry clean, otherwise it will fade. Dirty cloth bag can be use with water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid, with a small velvet brush along the lines of the light brush. The general fabric bag is often brush with a small velvet brush to remove dust. And some can be properly iron with an iron to maintain its beautiful shape.

Canvas, cotton bag maintenance points:

Soak in salt water for 15 minutes, wash with soap and soft brush, hand wash at low temperature, dry on the reverse side, iron at medium temperature, pay attention to leather products do not soak, avoid sunlight exposure, take off the accessories before cleaning.

Suede bag

First clean according to the conventional cleaning method, and then use a warm solution to clean the plush part again. When drying, pay attention to the plush part facing up. In case of rainy weather, it is best to use a dryer. When cleaning the wool part again, soap warm aqueous solution and detergent warm aqueous solution can also use. But it is found that the collar net is better than other cleaning agents in maintaining the color freshness of the product and avoiding fading. So it is still recommend to use the collar net.

Treatment of oil stains

The product can be clean directly by washing detergent, if not black, red and other dark color fabrics can be lightly brush with washing powder.
The pure white fabric can be remove by brushing the grease spot directly with a toothbrush with a thinner bleach (1:10 dilution).
Soak in dishwashing liquid for 10 minutes (add 6 drops of dishwashing liquid to each basin of water, stir well), and then do the usual treatment.
Before cleaning, dilute with oxalic acid and use a toothbrush to pick up the contaminated area, and then carry out routine treatment.

The removal method of bead handwriting

Bead writing in colored fabric can be treat with 95% alcohol. Before cleaning, use Amway brush directly on the handwriting, do not touch water, leave for 5 minutes after routine treatment.

Treatment of fabric fading (except black fabric)

Soak in salty water for 1 minute. Replace salt water with clean water and brush evenly and gently with a soft soapy brush.

Treatment of mildew

Soak in warm soapy water at 40 degrees for 10 minutes, and then routine treatment, for pure white fabric products can be soaked in soapy water, put the moldy place in the sun for 10 minutes, and then routine treatment.

Send to a professional nursing facility for maintenance

Usually should regularly use the same color shoe paste to wipe the bag, so that the leather to keep bright and moist, do not use liquid shoe polish. When applying shoe paste to leather goods, it should be applied to a soft cloth or sponge before wiping the bag. If professional tools are lacking. It is recommend to send them to professional care institutions such as L&C leather workshop for maintenance.

Correct usage habits

The correct use habits can extend the service life of leather goods. The new bag must avoid collision and scratching with hard and sharp objects to avoid scratching the surface leather. Avoid placing heavy items in the bag to avoid wrinkling and deformation. Direct light and heating for a long time will make the bag decolorized, discolored and deformed. Girls’ toner and other things are best not placed directly in the bag, be sure to use the makeup bag.

Autumn and winter seasons carefully collected

The bags that are not use in the autumn and winter should be collect in time, and the dust on the bags can be wipe with a sponge or soft cloth. Then fill the bag with paper balls to keep it in shape. Finally, wrap the bag with the original non-woven bag. And put one or two mothballs or a package of moisture-proof agents in the bag, place the bag in a clean and ventilated place for storage. Such as a cabinet with shutter doors is better. And it is best not to put too many items in the cabinet.

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