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Decoration is a big project that needs careful consideration, and many people tend to ignore the design process before decoration, which is very unwise. There are many advantages to design first, so why do you have to design first before decoration?

Design plan

With the design plan, according to their own living habits of the overall layout of their own home has a clearer and intuitive idea, so as to reduce a lot of inconvenience in later life, and the computer design is based on the actual size of 1:1 size design, relative to the size of the brain is much more accurate.

3D rendering

The display of three-dimensional renderings, you can accurately and clearly see the actual renderings of home decoration, furniture or specific to the shape and design of a wall are well known. So as not to lead to the construction of their own dislike of the product, many people in the process of decoration while doing change, resulting in a waste of money and time.

Construction drawing

Detailed design and construction drawings will help customers and construction personnel to carry out corresponding construction accurately, quickly and without error during the construction process, and also reduce objections on size, materials and technology.

In general, it is the above three important design functions, and I will subdivide each one to say:

Floor plan (overall planning and layout)

The layout is the design drawing of the entire building layout and planning, the designer according to the requirements of customers in the computer for 1:1 production, what furniture and appliances are place in each area; What is the distance between furniture and appliances? Is there enough space? Whether the zoning of the activity area and the rest area is obvious and other information is confirmed and transformed! In this way, various inconveniences and lack of functions cause by imaginary construction are avoided. The floor plan is the basis of all design, and the work behind it can be smooth.

3D rendering (overall view 720 degree panorama)

Panoramic effect diagram is the entire home of every detail three-dimensional intuitive display in front of the eyes, including each detail of the shape, color, material and so on display, intuitive to see the effect of decoration, rather than just stay in the imagination of the customer or the construction master, so as to avoid the effect of thinking and doing completely different. By asking the designer to make renderings of the room design, we can get a clear visualization effect. Renderings can present the designer’s ideas and ideas in the form of images, so that we can better understand and preview the appearance of the entire space. This not only helps us to better grasp the overall style and atmosphere, but also helps us to choose furniture, colors and materials more accurately, avoiding rework and unnecessary trouble in the later period.

Construction drawing (each detail of the construction process, modeling, materials, size and other parameters are detailed)

There are a lot of construction drawings, generally there can a whole set of drawings such as main transformation drawings, strong and weak electricity construction drawings, waterway construction drawings, floor tiles, wall tile paving maps, ceiling construction drawings, furniture construction drawings, wall construction drawings, cabinet construction drawings, etc., which have detail dimensions, modeling, materials, process requirements and other specific parameters. So that before the construction has been know how to carry out construction. What are the specific requirements of the construction and so on. Greatly reducing the time and energy of the customer and the construction master and the relevant custom manufacturers.


Design advantage

Ensure proper spatial planning

Designers will take into account the rational planning of space when making renderings of pavilion design. They will arrange the placement of furniture, appliances and decorations according to the size, layout and functional needs of the room. Through the renderings, we can see the layout and circulation routes of each area, avoid overcrowding or unreasonable arrangements, and improve the utilization and comfort of the space.

Precise control over budget and material selection

The control of decoration funds is the focus of many people’s attention. When designing the pavilion design, the designer will take into account the choice of budget and materials. They will be based on our budget constraints, reasonable selection of materials and furniture in the design, to avoid waste and over budget. Through the renderings, we can clearly see the price and material selection of each project, better control the renovation cost, avoid overspending and later economic pressure.

Design can reduce the risk and cost of decoration construction.

Through the design, the construction period and construction progress can be plan in detail, and the construction and management can be carry out in accordance with the scientific construction process to avoid errors or defects in the construction process, thus saving time and cost.


Provide professional advice and ideas

The designers are professional pavilion designers who have in-depth research and rich experience in space layout, color matching and style. Ask designers to make renderings of the pavilion design, we can get their valuable advice and ideas. Designers are able to tailor unique design solutions to our needs and preferences, providing innovative and practical design concepts to make our pavilions more personal and in line with our lifestyle.

To sum up: If you are not a professional and experienced decoration practitioner, just by your own imagination is not good to install your pavilion, or put it must have a lot of flaws, even if it is a professional and experienced decoration practitioner, relative to some more complex design and modeling, it still needs the assistance of computer design to do it. Therefore, it is recommend that we design and then construct first, reduce the waste of time, but also reduce the waste of materials, but also the waste of money.

Of course, the design is also the need for money, but the money is worth it, the design is also based on their actual situation to choose the designer suitable for their own price, the most simple decoration (water system, floor tile paving, ceiling), personal suggestions are to do a layout, layout and planning is indispensable, and according to the layout plan to make the corresponding hydropower construction drawings. So design is very necessary, if there is no good design, no matter how to transform, it is difficult to get a satisfactory home environment. Since we want to do the pavilion, we must do the design planning first.

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