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Women are addicted to buy bags, and they like to buy different bags to match their dressing. Althoug they may  have several or more than 10 pieces,They ofter go to the bag shop to see whethere the new arrival has come or not. They pay attention to the style of bags ,color,or materials. handbag, shouldbag, backpack is their favourite. The bag is important to a women , which we  can not image. As long as they don’t bring a bag, they  will feel insecure feel. A woman’s taste is not only about the clothes she wears, But also the bag she take.It is more difficult to how to select the bag, match the bag with the dressing. What is the taste of a woman, we can often see from the bag.    


the necessary for  bag

A bag is an indispensable item for modern people. Walking on the street, whether it is an office worker in a suit, or a student in jeans and sportswear, or a women who take a vegetable basket or hangs out. everyone is either carrying a handbag or carrying a handsome big backpack. They always have a bag, and the bag is always filled with a wallet, mobile phone, cosmetic bag, information file, etc. In short, the necessities in life are all common. All of them show how important the role of bags in daily life is.    


A small bag brings beautiful image to the ladies, but also uses it to hold the little things. Women are not like men, The men sometimes they do n’t care much about their image. Men can put everyday things such as mobile phones, cigarettes, keys, etc. in personal pockets, but women can’t do this, so they can’t do without bags. Women are never afraid of too much burden on bags. someone have ever said: “Even if a woman owns 100 bags, it is reasonable.” The important role of bags in women’s daily lives has long been self-evident. Mobile phones, data cables, umbrellas, tissues, keys, lipsticks, fountain pens, small books, etc. bag shop bag shop bag shop bag shop



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