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I don’t know if you had such a dream when you were a child, to open a candy store! Candy stores have endless charm and amazing attractions.  Some are retro and classic in design, while others are chic and modern.  Children will be attracted by bright displays, a wide variety of sweets and whimsical wall decoration. Adults can’t help but indulge in their sweet tooth and nostalgia for childhood. No wonder there are so many popular candy stores in any country.

Over the past five years, candy stores have seen a resurgence. The confectionery industry generated nearly $10 billion in revenue between 2015 and 2020, with an annual growth rate of 2.5 percent. What is driving this new energy in the confectionery industry? More health-conscious choices by consumers, coupled with nostalgia for childhood snacks, are contributing to the increase, research suggests.  Moreover, parts of the industry, such as those selling chocolate, have actually seen a surge in revenue because of the pandemic.

Do you want to open your own candy store? Are you stuck on design? You can attract customers with store decoration and candy display options. But how to make a good candy store design is one of their biggest problems. For those who are just starting a candy store, a good candy store design can certainly lead to more sales. We have 5 of the most attractive candy store designs to share with you. 

  1. Romantic and childlike candy shop design – Candy store retail store candy kiosk display showcase to Angola for sale.

The candy store has the wall display cabinet against the wall of the candy shop on the right side and left side. On the right side are the candy display stand with cute bear shape in candy shop. They are the design of cute bear shape with wooden display shelves in different colors.

On the left side are the green and white color candy display cabinet. The top can put the acrylic dispenser tube and middle is for the acrylic candy boxes, the bottom has the storage cabinets. In the middle of the candy store has a slippery slide, this is an important part to attract the children. Because when the children see the slippery slide, they will want to go inside the candy shop to play it and go into the store to buy candy. On either side of the slippery slide has the lollipop display stand.

The back of the slippery slide is an L shape cashier counter with a 3D acrylic lighted logo on the front. And four side has a crutch display use acrylic balls to display the candy. Except for the display furniture of the candy shop, the shop decoration also affect the candy store. On the ceiling of the candy store has the cloud and sun shape decoration. In the meantime, on the wall of the candy shop we can add some logos or interesting posters.

The style of this candy store not a fancy design, just simple and cute display candy furniture we used for it.

2. Simple and modern candy shop design – Fashion style sweet shop display stand candy store furniture.

What is the tips of a simple and modern candy shop? First, keep the walls and floors simple.

What’s the important thing about your candy store? Candy, of course! While it may be tempting to paint the wall of the candy store in the colors of the rainbow, it might be wise to reconsider. Using too many colors at once can cause visual fatigue for customers. In addition, customers may have a harder time finding the candy they want because the candy can blend in with the background in so many colors.

Second, we can make the wall decoration and the store display furniture design all to be simple. Simple and modern candy store design, we need to make the walls, ceiling and floor pure white, let the candy stand out. But for the candy store display shelves and candy dispensers we can use colorful and beautiful pop colors. While the choice of wall decor inside the candy store is ultimately yours, many beloved candy stores have borrowed this less-is-more design. This kind of style may can attract young people’s attention more.

3. Colorful and attractive candy shop design – New style custom made candy shop furniture.

For kids, there’s nothing sweeter than a trip to the candy store. The design of this candy store is a riot of colors from ceiling to floor. There are many colorful candy shapes hanging from the ceiling and lovely colorful wave dots on the floor. The designers of this candy store wanted every shopper to feel their own innocence, whether they grew up in the previous candy era or the latest candy era.

Designers combine fun with high design in the candy store design. There are rainbow-colored checkout counters, colorful lollipops and wall-to-wall candy acrylic displays, as well as practical wall display cases. Whether you’re shopping with your kids or just satisfying your sweet tooth, these candy stores are the perfect place to indulge. Take a tour of these creative spaces that are sure to thrill you.

4. Pink and lovely candy shop design – Fantastic pink color candy store tree display sweet shop furniture.

Candy stores are becoming more and more popular among young people. Not only is it a great place to meet up with your girlfriends, it’s also a great place to relax and relax (sweet tooth is always a delight!). In order to better attract customers, candy stores should not only make a variety of choices in products, but also pay attention to the design and decoration of candy stores. Let’s take a look at this pink and tender candy shop design, have you feel in a dream!

In the middle of the candy shop has a beautiful candy tree. All the wall display cabinet of this candy store are the pink color. Inside the candy store has many lovely candy models for people to take photos.

5. Cartoon and cute candy shop design – Colorful candy store display showcase lovely sweet shop design.

This candy store design has many cartoon shape display furniture. Some are train shape, some are house shape. Our aim is to design this candy shop not only to display the candy products but also to let the candy store display furniture look attractive and beautiful. The ceiling of the candy shop is also very important. For the ceiling design, we can make some lovely stars, and candy models for decoration.


These are our five most popular candy store designs for your reference. I hope the information we have provided will be helpful for you to start a candy store business. No matter what style of candy store you like, as long as you like, as long as you want, we can meet your needs. If you want to start a candy store business, then contact us now to start a unique candy store design!

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