Candy is our most common food. Every household in each house will be stocked with sweets to receive children. There are countless candy shops in shopping malls. The most important thing is that some supermarkets also sell candy. In this case, the competitive pressure of opening a candy store will be greater. Then we need to open a special and attractive candy store at this time.

Candy Shop Design

First of all, there must be many types of candies, because only when there are many types can customers buy them in the store. In addition, the decoration, lighting, furniture, and display of the shop are very important. If you need to open a shop, you first need a good-looking design.

We are custom shop furniture suppliers and can design new shops for your needs.  The 3d design will display all of your needs, and you can see the whole effect whether you want. If there is any modification, we also assist you to modify it.

 Display Rack to Sell Candy

For the display rack, we use the MDF as the main material. We all know that the MDF is easy to shape. It is good to point to use it do bear shape. For the display stand, it has many colors to choose from, you can tell us what color that you interest in. Our worker will match the suitable color for you.


The Display Stand has four layers to display the candy and have drawers at the bottom to store the candy.  You can see the top of the display stands has a bear shape to attract people and will make the whole candy shop more attractive and unique.

The size is not very big. You can order many sets together. This type fits well nearby the wall. It will make the whole shop more clean and tidy.



  • Size: 1000x300x1800mm
  • Material: MDF
  • Surface Treating: baking paint
  • Color: yellow, blue, green and as your color

There some production photos as your reference. We produce the display stand according to the 3d design and construction drawings absolutely. So we need to confirm the whole thing before we start. Because when we start, we can not stop and change.

Production Process

The production process have wooden cabinet, polish and baking paint. The wooden cabinet is essential shape for the display stand. Then will polish the wooden cabinet to make the surface more smooth. Next, we need to do the surface decoration, and do the primers and baking paint. Final step, install the drawer and locks.

In a whole shop, how many type display stands will be okay?

In general, a shop furniture will have many display stands with different shapes. We all know that the candy shop is colorful and will attract more children.  In general, the candy shop include the wall display stands, middle displays and cashier desk with some candy display showcase. You can put the display stands according to your shop size. You know different stands will have different size.

So if you want to open new shop, we suggest that we can do the 3d design for your shop firstly. There are professional design team to help you build the whole shop 3d design with different angles. You will see the whole effect that the shop lights, layout and shape of the display stands.

When will we receive it?

The time include design time( for a new shop) that will take 3-5 working days. Production time depends on how many display stands you want. A whole candy shop will take about 25-28 working days. Shipping time based on which country is near to you and which transportation you want.

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