Wall cabinet candy store display showcase with shelves

For a candy shop, we will need to put some display showcases. And also, the candy store display furniture is the most important point of a candy shop. We need to make the candy display stand to match your candy shop. Usually, the candy shop is colorful and multicolored. So for the color of the display showcase, we always use blue color, red color, yellow color, green and other bright colors.

On the against the wall of the candy shop, we can put the wall display showcase. This kind of display showcase can save space. Meanwhile, this style of display showcase can for customers to choose the products easily. I’d like to introduce a wall display showcase for the candy store to you.

Shelves display showcase for the candy shop

The material of the candy store display furniture:

MDF with baking paint, stainless steel toe kick.

The dimension of the candy display showcase:

600 x 350 x 2000 mm or bigger size as you want.

The color of the candy display stand:

Blue color, yellow color, red color or other colors you like.


Design description

This design of the candy display showcases use on the against the wall of the candy shop. It is a simple wall cabinet design with display shelves. And below has the cabinet can for you to store something that you want.

It can use to display some products like candy, chocolate, or other snacks. For the color of the candy shop wall cabinet, we can make any color you want. So that you can put the different colors of the wall showcase on the candy store.

The size of this kind of wall cabinet cannot make too big size. Now the size of it we think it is suitable for a small candy shop. And if you want it bigger, we can make it bigger. But the size we suggest not to make it bigger than 1200 mm is better. Because if too big, the showcase will look too lumpish and the weight too heavy.

How is the production work?

When we confirm the 3d design of the wall display cabinet, our design team will make the construction drawing for you. After our team and the customer check the 3d design and construction drawing all good. We will print out the drawings to the factory.

Wooden body

The woodworker will start to make the wooden body of the candy shop wall display cabinet.

Painting job

After the wooden body takes shape, we will start the painting job.

Base coat: 5 times & finishing coat: 2 times.


After all the painting job finished, we will install the shelves and cabinet door with the same lock with key.


Special tips:

What calls for special attention is that we need to confirm all the details carefully before we start the production. Because once the production starts, many things can not change as you like.

But we will let you know if any problems during the production. And we will take the pictures for you to check everything. This way can for you to check the production and make sure they going well. If we meet any troubles, we will get back to you and discuss together with you the solution.


Contact us:

Our company is the most professional manufacturer for the candy store furniture. We have many year’s experiences in commercial furniture. What we can do is customize the candy store exactly what you want.

Meanwhile, you can get the best quality and cheapest price from us. Please welcome to contact us for the price of the candy shop display stand. Email us at or call at +86 13510438034.


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