We have done many candy stores, and almost every candy store has this kind of lollipop-shaped display stand. Its shape is very attractive and our customers like it very much. If you want to buy some attractive furniture for your candy store, then I highly recommend this lollipop display stand. Strictly speaking, it is the shape of a crutch. We all know that there are many shapes of candies, and the shape of crutches is also very common. So we design such display furniture, customers can know that it represents candy at a glance.

Lollipop Shape Furniture

From the design diagram below, we can see its shape, color, and display effect. It has a total of 6 candy display boxes, each of which is fixed with iron rings. And it was very strong and will not slip off. It opens upwards. Our candies can put directly inside. It is recommended to store candies with wrapping paper. The base allows this furniture to stand firmly on the ground. It can be displayed at the door or glass showcase. It will be very attractive.

Basic diameter:  70cm

Rod diameter: 15cm


Basic material: MDF, iron

Surface finish: Baking paint, white sticker

Ball: Acrylic

Price: 1150$


Craft Details

The craft of this stand is complicated. Its production steps are divided into four parts. The wooden cabinet is made, polished, painted, and processed by hand. Among them, the longest and most complicated part is to make the wooden cabinet.

We need to bend the wood to an arc, and then we need to fix one side of the iron ring inside the stand and then fix the various parts together. This stand is made up of several different pieces of wood. When we finish the production of the wooden cabinet, we will start to polish it, which also takes a certain amount of time. Because we need to polish the surface smoothly, and then apply a layer of primer. Our surface treatment is baking varnish, baking varnish is the process of coloring the furniture. We can make the color you like. The baking paint is treated at high temperatures, so it is very safe.
Finally, stick a white sticker strip, which can also be used as a decoration for this stand.

After installing the sticker strip, the stand is complete. Next, take a look at our production diagram.


Our packaging is very rigorous, the main packing box is a wooden box. Stand’s packaging is mainly pearl cotton, stretch film, and foam board. So it is very safe.

How can I receive the goods?

When we finish the goods, we will ship them to your nearest port or the detailed address. Before picking up the goods, we need to go through customs clearance procedures. Generally, they placed the goods in the warehouse. You can pick it up after completed the procedures and paid customs and port charges. We pack the goods in wooden boxes. You can hire a truck to pick up the goods.

What is the production time?

The production time is related to the quantity of furniture, and the production time for 1-3 pieces is about 15 working days. If you are ordering bulk furniture for your shop, the production time is about 28 working days.

How to order the furniture?

If you want to order furniture, you can contact us. Tell us all your requirements, such as the quantity and color of the furniture, etc. We will send you an invoice with some payment information, you can pay directly. After the payment is successful, we will arrange the production.

Our payment term is 50% balance payment and 50% balance payment before shipment. If you only buy 1-2 sets of furniture, we recommend paying the full amount.


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