Fashion style sweet shop display stand candy store furniture

Sweety can make people get fat, but more is a pleasure. Many people like sweet food, for example, candy, chocolate, and so on. Starting a sweet food business is a good idea and it is a low budget and high profit. We have many new ideas on how to open a candy shop business for a new starter. 

Below is a fashion style sweet shop display stand candy store furniture design for your reference. The whole shop effect looks good and clean.



This shop is mainly for selling candy, and chocolate. In the middle of the candy shop is a long display booth for the candy. And it has a bar area at the end of this long display booth. The customer can sit here and have a rest. Against the wall of this candy shop has some display stands for selling different kinds of candy.

The style of this candy shop is fashionable and fresh. On the ceiling has some small spotlights and on the wall of the candy shop has the lighted logo. The color of the candy display furniture is a white color with a stripe shape design.



Our design team can make a new 3d shop model for you. Please send us your floor plan or the shop size including the length, width and height of the shop. We will work out a new 3d design model with your candy shop size and then we will put the display furniture inside.

This way we can see the effect of a whole candy shop. And we can know the quantity, and the style of the candy store. We will also design the ceiling, flooring and wall decoration of the candy shop.

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