Creative Fresh Fruit Shop Display Wooden Store Decoration for Sale

Fruits are rich in vitamins and trace elements that provide energy for our lives. It’s never too late to start the fresh fruit shop. You can also run a fruit and vegetable market, with attractive decoration, you will gain lots of money. Here is a nice fresh fruit shop furniture sharing with you.

Description of fresh fruit business.

As we can see in the design, this fruit shop uses wooden and light yellow decorations. That expresses a fresh and environmentally friendly feeling to people. The hexagonal pattern decorates the walls and ceiling, which looks very designed, reminiscent of a honeycomb, and creates a natural atmosphere for the fruit store.

Wall cabinets display

The wall cabinets are important for fruit shops because you can put fruits for sale on each layer and add lightbox posters on the top for advertising. And the bottom has storage cabinets with locks. You can also add wall-mounted shelves to show fruits, clients can purchase them well.

We can also attach wall-mounted shelving on the wall, which is in different shapes. You can place small items and even models here to attract attention. Besides, it can also make your fruit shop look good.

Service counter decoration

The service counter use to weigh fruits and check bills. There is an L shape style, that is convenient to use. The whole service counter uses wood to make and the middle is in yellow color that looks very good. Your business name can also attach here.

Don’t ignore the lighting and advertising area. It can promote your business well and can also give people a good feeling. If you plan to start a business, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

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