Fashion style sweet shop display cabinet snack food store design

With the improvement of people’s life quality, people’s pursuit of sweet food is more yearning for a beautiful and warm life. A successful candy shop decoration can effectively attract target customers, stimulate their appetite, and contribute to the store revenue. So how can we better decorate the candy store?  



Interior candy store decoration design and the shop effect are the basis for people to come to your candy shop. In daily consumption, natural and beautiful shop decoration is more likely to attract consumers’ attention. The realization of store decoration style requires candy store display showcase, lighting decorations, murals, wall decoration, flooring and ceiling etc.

The candy shop display showcase is the most important of a candy shop design. We need to make the display furniture to fit the whole candy shop style. Usually, we need to make them according to your favorite candy shop style. It can be cute colorful style or simple style or retro style as you like. You can refer to it in the decoration design of the candy store.  



The layout of the candy store includes a cashier counter, wall display shelf and display stand. The material of the candy shop display furniture can use MDF with baking paint. You can choose any color you like. We can make the shop layout according to your need.

Our design team can make a floor plan to see the layout first. For a customized 3d candy shop design will charge a design deposit. It is according to your shop size, from 500-1000USD design deposit. We will work out the 3d candy store design in 5-7 working days and send it to you. You can check the design and let us know your idea.

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