New style custom made candy shop furniture

A candy shop is really a good idea to start a business. There are many candy stores opened in these few years, especially the European countries. Some people like that candy can bring happiness. And some people send the candy to friends or family as a gift when Thanksgiving day, Christmas, Hallowmas or other festivals.

The shop interior decoration and store display furniture are the most important for a candy shop. We need to do a good job of that to get customers into the store. So how to make a good candy shop design is a question. On our website, you can find out the answer.




Color selection

For a beautiful candy shop decoration, we usually choose bright colors. On the wall decoration, we can put some nice wall stickers or wallpaper, it can let the candy store look colorful.

Meanwhile, the design of the store display furniture we can use bright color too. See, the cashier counter of this candy shop is rainbow color stickers, on the back wall of the cashier counter has the rainbow color balls and some toys. For the display furniture of the candy shop, we can make it any color you want.

Size selection

For the size of candy shop display furniture, we can make it according to your shop size. We can send the standard size to you or send us the size you want, we can customize the size for you. Usually, the display furniture of the candy store needs to customize as your shop size.

Our design team can make a customized 3D candy shop design for you. The designer will put the display showcase in a 3D model and arrange the layout. Then we can know what the quantity can fit in the candy shop and see the whole candy shop effect.

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