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Supermarkets make our lives more convenient. We can buy fruit, vegetables, snacks, beverage and all kinds of items from supermarkets. The display showcase counter is very important in the supermarket. Today, I want to share a nice island counter with you. It uses to showcase candy and snacks in a good way.

Wood candy display counter

As we can see in the design, this display counter has 3 layers of showcase items in total. Each layer has wood cases to distinguish them, clients can purchase items better and the employees can also sort out the goods in a short time. The materials include solid wood panels, quartz stones, hardware, and lighting.

candy counterDetails of candy display counter

It is a display counter with a double-sided display shelf. The counter table has wood boxes standing side by side to contain more goods. And two ends also have a display counter to show other products. On the top of the display counter, we also add snacks facing 4 directions, so that clients can see and reach them easily.

Due to the large passenger flow in the supermarket, we need to replenish the goods in time. We add lock cabinets under the counter table. It locks well so that people can pick up goods inside without permission.

Size information

This display counter size is 4m by 1.2m. We can also customize the size based on your needs. For better delivery, we divided the whole display counter into 4 small counters. So when you receive the goods, just put them together in turns and can use them directly.

More designs show

candy stand candy shop

Our designer can also make a 3D design to show how it looks when installed in your supermarket and retail store. If you have any ideas, please kindly contact us immediately.

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