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The convenience store can be seen everywhere as it makes our life become better. It’s a profitable business idea to open a convenience store on the street, gas station, airport station, and community. Store furniture includes display cabinets, wall shelves, center counter, brand image wall, and space for equipment. Today, I want to share a nice street store with you.

Convenience store design

Middle display

There are two glass windows on the front side and an entrance door in the middle. Clients can see your shop from the outside. When entering the convenience store, we can see two long gondola display shelves in the middle. It has 4 layers in total to place items.

supermarket shopLeft side view

There is a U shape service counter on the left side. It is good to place items and check bills. The front side is a long display counter, we can put the brand logo on the body. And the countertop can also place a coffee machine cake display showcase or small items for purchase. While the back wall has a menu, brand logo, and even wall cabinets. We can also set equipment on the countertop for usage.

The refrigerator and beverage machine near the wall allows customers to freely choose beverages, and we can arrange the beverages in layers for easy purchase. Before we start a business. It’s very important to make a floor plan and arrange display counters in a good location. That is good for your business and leaves a deep impression on clients. Because everyone likes to shop in a clean, tidy, and bright store.

More designs show

retail shop food store

More information show

The convenience store design drawing shows the light decoration, counter layout, material effects directly. You can also change the color to match your brand sign. No matter what kind of store furniture you need, we can help you build it.

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