Attractive candy store design unique candy shop interior decoration

As a fashion candy store, most of its customers are children, girls and parents. Therefore, the decoration of the candy store must be warm and have lovely colors and have its own design style.

You can supplement the candy shop with changeable personality display cases to display candy. Put some cut drawings and interesting hand paintings or cartoons on the wall, etc. To increase the casual and fashionable atmosphere of the candy store. Let us take a look at this cute candy shop design below.



The designer mainly uses pink color to attract customers’ attention and attract more potential customers into the store. Meanwhile, the guests of the dessert shop are mostly students and children. The sweet and happy trend has become the popular trend of the candy shop and everyone loves this style.

In the middle of the candy shop is a pink and white balloon decoration looks very beautiful. On the wall has some cut cartoon neon lights and beautiful wallpaper.

This candy shop uses many round shape pails to display the candy. And with a small colorful cashier counter, on the back of the cashier counter is a big lighted logo.


You need to find a shop location and get the shop size. Before we start the design, please send us your shop size or floor plan, we can arrange the layout for you. Our design team will make a customize candy shop design according to your shop size and your favorite style.

The candy shop style we can discuss together. If you want the same design like this one, we can make it the same but with your shop size. Or we can make a new candy store 3D design for you.

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