Germany Candy Store Reception Counter with Wall Cabinet

Are you looking for candy store reception counters? The reception area is very important for a retail shop, the salesperson receives every customer who enters the store. Here is a new invention reception counter sharing with you.

3D design reception counter

This reception counter size is 2400mm long 1750mm wide and the height is 900mm. Behind it is high wall cabinets, total height is 2400mm, counter wide is 450mm, and the same length as a reception counter.

Display showcase counter

As we can see in the design, the outside has display shelving on both sides. It has a lighting lamp on each top to increase the brightness. The bottom area has colorful stickers, looks beautiful and attractive.

Candy store furniture reception desk

Wall cabinet

We can see the wall cabinet is behind the reception counter. It has a display of arched doors, where candies can be placed for customers to choose from. The display showcase area has a light lamp to build the kiosks. There are also carved decorations on the top with colorful stickers, look very attractive. Lightbox painting attaches to the wall to attach to the wall to show candies. At the bottom has lock cabinets with shelving.

candy store display  candy wall cabinet  candy booth design

Material details:

The main material is MDF with baking paint finishes. We can also use the stone to build the counter table. That is good to use and highlight the shop. Stainless steel attach to the kicking to protect the goods well. If you have any new ideas or material requirements, just let us know before production. Thank you.

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