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With people’s attention to physical health, people expect to get a strong body and a healthy body. Pharmacies and health supplement stores came into being. If you have a medical license, you can open a pharmacy shop. It’s good to improve your social status and worth. Before opening the store, we need to obtain permission for opening, the health department. When starting a pharmacy store, the choice of store layout and furniture is very important. It is not only a good way to display and store medicines, but also a good way to establish your brand image. Today I will introduce some popular pharmacy store displays and counters. You can use it in your store and also add new ideas to highlight your store. Medicines are different from other commodities. Before prescribing medicines, the doctor will first ask about the customer’s condition and symptoms. Then recommend suitable medicines according to the symptoms. Medicines also need to be taken and used under the guidance of a doctor.

pharmacy store
pharmacy store display

Medicine wall display cabinet

There are many types of medicines and health care products. We can choose different display cabinets according to the storage requirements of medicines. Such as display cabinets with adjustable story height, laminate displays with slat walls, and wall-mounted displays. You can use them to display different products, which is also convenient for the clerk to categorize the medicines. So that the patients can quickly find the corresponding medicines when they need them.

Center display in the pharmacy store

For most pharmacies, display counters stand in the middle of the store. This maximizes the location of the store and makes customers feel good. Besides, double-sided display cabinets and multi-layer display counters are the most common. Because it can display as many items as possible at the same time, the display cabinet in the middle of the store needs to reserve enough space for the aisle. So consumers can walk around freely without crowding. On the top of the display case, we can add labels, such as prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs, health care products, etc. You can even add glass counters in the middle and some standing medicines. Such as scald medicine, cough medicine, and antipyretic medicine.

pharmacy store display

Pharmacy workstation

Expect for the medicine display showcase area, the doctor’s work area is equally important. Especially for large pharmacies and clinics, It requires archiving the patient’s medical records. Workbenches and filing cabinets with drawers are helpful. We can even reserve space for printers and computers for better usage. Workstation counters use in consulting rooms, archives, offices, and even medicine rooms. The bottom of the workstation has drawers to facilitate employees to organize the needed items

pharmacy display counter

Product image wall and promotional posters

Whether you are starting a business for the first time, a brand image wall and promotional posters are needed. It’s a good idea to set aside a wall for your brand name and logo in the reception and cashier areas. You can also add your brand name and slogan to the Rx display cabinets to help spread your brand and help you gain loyal customers. Promotional posters can be posted in the window display area at the door, and in an eye-catching location of the store. You can even join the advertising machine to share health knowledge with the public to gain a good reputation

Other pharmacy furniture

Sofas and Seats

Whether or not to include seating at the pharmacy depends on the size of your store. If your store is small and only patients stay for a short period, no need to consider adding seats. Clinics, hospitals, large pharmacies, and shops offering consultation services can have sofas and seating areas. Where patients and accompanying staff can sit and wait for services.

laboratory counter

Laboratory counters contain workstations, drug display racks, and drug storage cabinets. All counters follow the principle of convenience and practicality. Laboratory counters are usually made of 304 stainless steel, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. If you do not provide injection service or do experiments, then no need for a laboratory counter. All pharmacy store furniture needs to be selected according to the size and decoration style of the store, and placed in a reasonable location.

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