5 tips on cellphone store facade design

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What kind of cellphone shop facade can attract the customers mostly? Some shops like to paste many activity posters and others like to send the leaflet. How to let the customers come to your shop on their own initiative? At this time, the facade of the cellphone stores is most important. In addition, if you can deal with the shop facade details when decorating well, it not only can attract the customers but also can promote the sales performance.

Nowadays, almost everyone has the smart mobile phones. Due to the popularization of the cellphone shop in the market, It is feasible and good to open a cellphone shop. How to decorate the store facade attractive becomes the vital successful or failing factor. Only the eye-catching or comfortable vision to people can help you bright economic effects. But how to do this? Let’s see 5 tips together.

Reasonable color matching of mobile phone facade

No matter cellphone or other shops, you need to pay attention to the color application. It is because that the color is the first factory when into the people’s eyes, a good and reasonable color matching can arouse their desire of coming the shop. The cellphone shop target customers are young people, so you need to choose generous bright but not dark color series. Besides, we don’t suggest you use big color area. Simple is okay already.

For this one mobile phone shop facade, the frame of the window and doors are blue. The signature top background is orange. These two colors are very clean and simple. The sign letters “mobile booth” color is deep blue and white. It is a good color matching too. The color is reasonable and not disorderly. It can bring the customers.

cellphone shop facade
cellphone shop facade

Design of the cellphone store facade  

The facade is also the mobile phone shop promotion and it also is the first place where the people want to see. The facade is the shop brand image. To design good logo size and position is the element of the attraction. The design should have individuality and only belong to the characteristics of the mobile phone store. To make people have a initial design on the cellphone shop through colors and letters combination. In this way, to increase the visibility of the store. It is not recommended to put too many words on the door and play various advertisements.

For this one facade design, it is very simple and clear. The door is open and the top sign can be shown clearly in peoples’ eyes. It plays the leading function and publicity effect, which is impressive. Its two sides are the clear windows. Some poster and activities are pasted on the window but they are reasonable not too much and not chaotic. To a certain extent, this has the effect of attracting.

cellphone shop facade
cellphone shop facade

Cellphone shop window shopping design

Most mobile phone stores don’t take good use of the windows. For most kinds of retail shops, the shop window is also important. The shop window is the first place people can see your interior layout and products before they don’t know your shop, which can decide the people come to your or not. Normally, the window can show your main products or promotion products.,  which is one of the most effective way to attract the customers. If they can be shown in the window well with a good decoration, it will increase a great score for your shop. So it is necessary to make the window design reasonable.

This one shop window design is special because it is curved and like a semicircle. The top light box to show the brand and some information with yellow is very striking. The store products are displayed on different shelves, and the shelves are near the window. When people pass by the shop window, they can stop their steps and see the products. Considering some people will stay at the window for a long time, you can paste the small Qr code at the window, then people can learn about information about the shop through the QR code. It can promote sales better. Besides, people can see the shop interior parts about different products and brands. If they are interested in it, they will come to the shop at once.

cellphone shop facade
cellphone shop facade

Don’t put too many advertisements on facade

For some new shops, there must be many discount activities. Please don’t write the discount information by hand and paste on the facade. It will offer a not good impression to people. They will think the shop is not high-end. What’s more, they also will not look at it for too long time. Handwriting is not authoritative. The effect for moving some posters off on the door or facade is better. So there is nothing can affect their visions.

Open the door when running business

The entrance should open to welcome the customers to come inside. Then people will feel relaxed and comfortable when they see opened store. They are very willing to your shop whenever you want, and you can get more business opportunities. It brings people closer to the store. It’s also about the attitude to take care of customers.

Can you think so many things for cellphone shop facade design or not? In fact, as long as we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes, we can think more details.

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