What good design suggestions does the mobile phone kiosk have?

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Some people get the location of the mall, but don’t know how to design an attractive kiosk. We all know that there are many kiosks in the shopping mall, and they are all very creative and looks good. They are part of what attracts customers. We all know if you want to start your business in your mall, you have to get the space first. Then you need to make a 3d design and construction drawing to your mall for approval. Design is not just about getting approved. It is also the symbol of your brand. So we have to make it beautiful, attractive. Make sure it benefits you. What if you don’t have any design ideas? Don’t worry, now I will show you some different types of kiosks. The mobile phone is becoming more and more popular, and the industry related to it is also very developed. Today we take it as an example.

Glass display kiosk

This kiosk has much glass, it almost glass display. Its main role is selling a mobile phone or phone accessories. The top layer can display the mobile phone so that the customer is convenient to buy and also convenient for you to introduce the mobile phone. The bottom two layers can display phone accessories, such as a mobile phone case or charging cable. The kiosk has a cashier’s desk and a cabinet. It can help you register customer information and complete collection. The glass display case has a drawer at the bottom that you can use to store things. This one looks more advanced. Visibility is also high, allowing customers to see more presentations. If your main business is selling cellphones and phone accessories, you can choose this one.

Building shape display kiosk

This type has some different display cabinets. It just sells mobile phone accessories. It is by the trapezoidal cabinet, aluminum trough cabinet and tall cabinet group become. In addition to glass display, other use of lightbox painting as decoration. It can both showcase your products and make your kiosk more attractive. This kind of design is quite special, it has a concave and convex feeling, it looks gorgeous. If you just sell mobile phone accessories, and you like this different display cabinet, you can choose this type.

Independent cabinet display kiosk

This is made up of five separate cabinets. There are mainly three display cabinets, a cylindrical display height cabinet, a cashier desk, and a repair table. Display cabinets are irregular arcs. It is more attractive than regular cabinets. Colors can be customized to your brand. On the side of the cabinet are some lightbox paintings, mainly showing your business. The middle height cabinet is an aluminum groove show and some lightbox posters and light letters, such as a slogan or logo. This type can sell mobile accessories and repair the mobile phone. If you do these 2 businesses and you like this type, you can choose this type. If you also want to show your mobile phone, it can put on the table. This one is relatively special, it has a sense of in-store vision.

Small size phone accessories kiosk

This type is for less space. Mainly display mobile phone accessories and repair mobile phones. It is a single cabinet. Although the size is small, the display space is still large. If you have a small space in the mall. You can try to design something like this.


The design of the mobile phone kiosks is endless, there are countless kinds. Because there are so many kinds. I can only give a few different types of kiosks. You can take them as a reference. If you want to see more design, you can go to our website: www.uniquekiosk.com

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