5 types glass display showcase for your jewelry store used

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Do you know what’s the most popular Service in 2019? What’s the most profitable business in mall? I think there must be a lot of friends are struggling with how to start their own business. Here you will find what you want.  

When you walked in shopping mall.You will notice there have so many jewelry and cosmetic store On the ground floor. The vast luxury goods industry is gradually entering the consumer market. In this article. the item i wanna share is some popular jewelry showcase to fit your jewelry store.

Type 1. Jewelry kiosk.

The first and popular types is jewelry kiosk. It can located in shopping center or store inside. We can see the kiosk basic material is MDF. It can match glass and stainless steel frame to display. Square and round is very common shape. Worker is inside. Client only can select the jewelry from outside.

Type 2. Cartier style stainless steel display showcase .

As we know Cartier is a very famous jewelry brand all around the world. This brand store inside display showcase is be made of stainless steel. Surface is electroplate finished. Match glass display and led light strip. It’s very luxury and high-end.

 Type 3. wooden jewelry display cabinet

Wooden made jewelry display cabinet also is a very good way to display your jewelry product. It’ very modern and exquisite. It very easy to make it in some special shape,add more light, images on it. The back sides can do some cabinet for storage.

Type 4. double layer jewelry display stand

If your space is not big, put some double layer or Multi layer jewelry display stand is very profitable. You can according to the jewelry model height customized the stand height. It can show more jewelry model.

Type 5. High wall display stand for jewelry

For all jewelry store. Near the wall, we always make some high display stand here. It can put some display showcase, light box, TV and decoration images on it. Looks very nice, isn’t it?

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