What are the installation procedure for our customize kiosk

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Our kiosk are sell for a complete set, today I want to introduce how we install the kiosk, what accessories we included and how to install on the kiosk.

Last time I shared “ how does the production of baking paint work?”

You can clink this link to check it and hope it can help you something.

( https://uniquekiosk.com/how-does-the-production-of-baking-paint-work/ )

After we finish the painting job we will move forward to the installation. How does the installation process work for our kiosk? Let me explain to you in details – step by step.

1. Install the electricity – for how to connect the wires please check this link, there are detailed explanations:


2. Install cabinet doors and drawers

For each cabinet doors we will install the same lock with key, each drawers will have the drawer slides. Before we use the handles for the cabinet doors but now we make the cabinet doors don’t need it. It will be more convenient to open and the workmanship is also complicated.

3. Glass measurement and installation

We will measure the glass size according to the kiosk needs. There are 3 ways to install the glass:

  • The first one is install the glass with glue – silicon. When using it, use the glass glue gun to apply the glass glue evenly to the gaps to be sealed. After being air-dried, the decoration effect can be achieved.

  • The second one is secure with the glass clips. This way is apply to the glass not connections.

  • The third one is we make the glass embedded. This way will look better because you cannot see the glue and also we don not need to use the glass clips.

4. Lighted box, logo

We will print out the pictures of lighted box according to your files.

If you have any questions about how to install the kiosk, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for your reading!

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