Top 5 profitable shoes retail store business ideas

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The decoration style of the shoe store is mainly to match the style of the shoes. This decoration style is the beautiful decoration style. The current shoe store types can be roughly divided into the following 5 types.

1. Sneakers

Sports shoes give people a sense of dynamics, strength, leisure and sports, so when choosing decoration, you can choose a style with these feelings. You can add some bright colors appropriately to increase the dynamic and active sense of space. As a sports shoe store, it is important to avoid a lifeless decoration style.

2. Women’s shoes

Women’s shoes have various styles and can be applied to different decoration styles. Nowadays, most women’s shoes and shoes stores on the market choose fashionable urban style, which can highlight the style of shoes.

3. Men’s shoes

The style of men’s shoes can be roughly divided into sports shoes, casual shoes, and leather shoes. The colors are mostly dark, and they look more mature and stable. Therefore, most men’s shoes and shoes stores choose simple business style or modern Wind for renovation. Of course, there is also a personalized hip-hop style, which is mainly selected according to the type of shoes.

4. Children’s shoes

The decoration style of children’s shoes is relatively good. Generally, you can choose a cute fairy tale style, because children are relatively innocent, and you can add cartoon characters that children like as background decoration, which can effectively attract children.

5. mixed type

Mixed shoe store styles are generally more modern and simple decoration styles, which can make the store orderly and prominent products.

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