How to decorate your hair salon shop

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Hair salons are full of streets and alleys, and beauty lovers go to many branded hair salons. The best barbershop must be popular. Nowadays, young people are pursuing the hairstyles of hipsters and stars. The current hair salons not only focus on cutting hair, but also pay more and more attention to the trend of decoration styles in hair salons!

Such as Japanese style, classic style, modern style, European style, Thai style and so on. The determination of the style can form a certain difference with the peers and add their own characteristics, and the decoration style is best to match the haircut style that the store is good at, to attract more consumers.

The color tone of the hairdresser’s decoration is also very important. Different colors will give people a different feeling. Spring reminds us of green, summer thinks of red, autumn thinks of golden, winter thinks of pure white. To allow customers to sit down without emotional fluctuations, make customers feel relaxed, comfortable, warm, and have a sense of trust and security, then the color in the store must be light and light. Many styles you can choose, it is depend on what you want.

The layout of the hair salon is also extremely important. It including the potted plants, craft design products, display items, mirrors, tables and chairs in the store, shampoo area and front desk cashier area, etc. All need to be carefully arranged by the salon owner and planning.

The control area of a hairdressing shop generally occupies three-quarters or two-thirds of the entire store area. In the decoration of a barber shop, the operating area is a place to directly serve customers. It is required to be loose, clean and comfortable. Convenient and unobstructed to customers. The music must be played in Chinese tones, elegant classics are preferred. Mirrors should be bright, chairs and beds should be exquisite, shapes must be unique, and colors must be uniform.

To make a salon hair shop is not easy because you have to take care many things. But if you cooperate with our company, we will help you to do everything include the design and production. Above are some ideas for how to decorate your salon hair shop, hope can give you some help. If you still have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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