How to decorate a high end optical shop?

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In this era of mobile phones, glasses are almost a large part of the must-have items, which also provides business opportunities for optician shops. How do you decorate the optical shop? How do you design the small optical shop?

1. The color department of optical shop

The color department of the optical shop is to point to an optical shop decorates integral tonal, the tonal whole is unified, concerning the effect of the whole vision. So the optical shop does not want to use the color that stimulates too, for example, yellow and red. You can choose storefront to decorate according to lamplight tonal, color collocation brings the most comfortable condition to the personal vision as far as possible.

2. The lighting of optical store

The lighting of optical store should let the customer that come in feel at the moment bright, enough light ability lets the person of eyesight decline feel comfortable, so light and illumination are very important.

There are more and more personalized optician shops. These shops can not only guarantee the quality of their products, but also ensure the accuracy of data when matching glasses.The most important is the shop decoration, special fashion has personality, very in line with the young people’s preferences.Optician store design style classification, need to consider this aspect of the problem, according to the needs of different users to choose different styles.

Japanese style

In design of Japanese style, color lays particular stress on wood color and color of bamboo, cane, hemp and other natural material more, form simple natural style.The space modelling is very concise, use clear line on the design, abandon curve in space division, have stronger geometry feeling.

Modern fashion style

Modern fashion style light decoration heavy decoration, pay attention to the perfect combination of space layout and use function. The colors are bright, bold and not exaggerated.In the use of space, everything from the practical point of view, the use of limited space will be the ultimate performance.

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