The standard for mall kiosk sockets/plugs in different countries

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We all know that voltages and plugs are different in different countries. When we travel outside, if we do not understand the plug standards in these countries, then we will encounter a lot of trouble when we use electricity. Starting from the industry where I work, I want to introduce you to several different sockets. We are a foreign trade company, mainly for a shopping mall kiosks. We have customers from all over the world. In their mall kiosks, we will use sockets or transformers to run their machines. In this way, we need to take into account the electricity standards and outlet standards of the customer’s country. And in the world, sockets generally have 5 standards.

China Standard Plug/Socket in Mall Kiosks

The characteristics of this plug/socket are three flatheads, which are also applicable in Australia, Argentina, and New Zealand. The main switch, transformer, and socket are installed on an eyebrow threading kiosk that is shipped to Australia. The customer starts a business in the mall, she must provide some sockets for the customer to use and run some of her machines. So we according to her country standard to install this socket.

American Standard Plug/Socket in Mall Kiosks

The American standard socket is characterized by a round and two flat. Applicable to the United States, Canada, Japan, Brazil, The Philippines, Thailand, and other countries and regions. This is a socket is installed on the cellphone kiosk shipped to the United States. As we all know, when selling mobile phones./ It is very important to have a power supply. We can charge the mobile phone and test whether it is good or not.

British Standard Plug/Socket

The British standard socket is characterized by three square heads. The applicable countries and regions are HongKong, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia Qatar, and so on. This is a beauty salon kiosk that was shipped to the United Kingdom. It is used in the shopping mall. We know that beauty takes a long time, and when a customer’s phone runs out of battery. They can use this socket to recharge.

European Standard Plug/Socket

The European standard plug is characterized by two round heads. Applicable regions and countries have Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, and other EU countries. This is the socket installed on the display cabinet. And this is the cabinet for the French exhibition. It mainly displays electronic accessories, so it is necessary to install the socket.

South Africa’s Standard Plug/Socket

South Africa plugs are characterized by three round heads, applicable countries are South Africa, India, and Russia. We also install this type of socket on outdoor food carts. When our budget is small but you want to start a business, you can customize a small cart to sell products. It can also install sockets for our machine to run.

These are the five common socket types we have. Whether it is a shop, a mall kiosks, or an outdoor food cart, you can install sockets. When you want to customize kiosk or showcase, you can tell us the standard of the socket you use, so that we will install the socket according to the standard of your country. Since the voltage may vary from country to country, we will also install transformers. So you are not worried that you cannot use electrical appliances after receiving the goods. In addition to the outlet, if you have any questions about the mall kiosks, you can contact us for more details.

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