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We know that the most important thing for a store is customer flow volumn . Only with a large customer flow can the store have revenue.
Only with income can a shop be guaranteed to operate normally. customer flow is also a headache things for many bosses.
And there are many factors that affect the customer flow volume . Local economic conditions, geographic location, store decoration, store design, weather conditions, in-store service level …, etc.
Now we have a good 3D max design to share with you, which can help people who sell tea to increase customer flow. Why is this tea kiosk able to attract more customers?

Store design
First of all, this outdoor tea kiosk is novel in design and creative. It looks like a teapot. There are few such outdoor kiosks in real life.
Generally, what we see are traditional and ordinary shops on the street, and the outdoor kiosk is also a regular square shape.
Such a design makes people’s eyes-catching, people will be curious about this kind of things, and they will go and want to explore the it.
Unconsciously will be attracted to the here. And they also want to know how the tea tastes made from such a tea kiosk ,
So with such curiosity, the customer will buy it or have a rest in it from this tea kiosk.

Store decoration
The decoration of this tea kiosk is very classic. Tea was born and developed in China. People who like to drink tea will also love the profound Chinese ancient culture. Therefore, the decoration of this tea kiosk also echoes the traditional Chinese ancient culture. We chose yellow to decorate the tea cabinet. Yellow is an honorable color in ancient China, and even regarded it as a symbol of monarchy.
Using such colors to decorate fully reflects the principle that customers are distinguished and customers are the first. On the other hand, the surrounding lights are also the ones with ancient Chinese characteristics,The surface of the tea kiosk is decorated with fonts of different styles with Chinese characteristics. Drinking tea in such a place full of ancient Chinese culture is a pleasure.

Design fee: 300$ , design the same style or you can add more your requiment/ideas on this kiosk. Finally you will get the tea kiosk designed by you, we are just the executor who designed it for you. This fee will refund you when you order from us.

production/shipping : it usuall takes 20-25 working days producing. To the port by sea or we can arrange it door to door service.

please visit our wedsite for more design,any more information you want to know, pls kindly feel free to contact us. our email address: sales03@uniquekiosk.com

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