How to Earn More Profit by Open a Flower Shop?

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Recently, many people wants to start their business by open a small shop and earn money. As we all know, open a shop usually needs a lot of start-up capital. Renting a shop, decorating and stocking all need to spend a lot of money. However, opening a flower shop is the best choice for new entrepreneurs as it costs less and bring large profit. Here are some ideas help you to open a flower shop.

First, we should rent a shop in a place with high traffic, such as near hospitals, universities, shopping centers, or residential areas. A few square meters florists shop is enough, because a small shop can save us rent and decoration costs. Appropriate lighting to decorate the shop can better set off the flowers and increase sales.

Second, decorating the flower shop and finding suitable furniture to showcase and store flowers. We should first think about who is our main customers and what’s style can both attractive and better match our brand name. It’s better to draw a flower plan and create a 3D design, so that we can arrange the space in advance. Then manufacture the flower kiosk follow on the design drawing. In this case, the furniture can better match to our shop size and serve for our business. We can view a nice flower kiosk below. The size, color, style, material is customized follow on the owner’s requirements.

flower shop
flower kiosk

Third, purchasing the fresh flowers and packages from suppliers. As for a new flower shop, we should prepare a small amount of different kinds of flowers. Because the fresh-keeping period of flowers is very short, it will increase our loss if not sold. So when we have more customers, we can slowly add more flowers. And we should know how to match flowers, because the price of the packaged bouquet is much higher than the price of flowers.

Finally, we can develop some marketing strategies to attract customers, such as issuing coupons, birthday discounts, etc. Usually holidays are the best time for business, in addition to flowers and green plants, we can also sell dried flowers, flower ornaments, fruit baskets and other “combination products”. If you have any new ideas about florists showcase decoration, please contact us. Thank you

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