What equipment and furniture do the barbershop consist of?

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We all know that barber is a very popular industry. The hairstyle is important to a person. Whether they are men or women, they will want to make a beautiful hairstyle. It can change our mental appearance and temperament. For girls, long hair can also make our face look smaller. In addition to styling, the barbershop also has a shampoo service. The current barbershop is not only a simple shampoo but also massage services. Therefore, many people prefer to go to the barbershop to wash their hair, since they can relax, and don’t have to wash their hair by themselves. I personally do not like to wash my hair, so I often go to the barbershop. Do you know what furniture is in the barbershop? Today let’s take a look at the standard of the barbershop.

Barbershop Reception Desk

As we all know, no matter what store it is, the reception desk is indispensable. We all know that many barbershops have membership cards, and our information will be recorded on the computer. At this time, we need a cash register to place the computer and view the customer’s consumption records. We can also show our member prices and the shop’s item list here. This will help customers understand our brand and company.

Salon Cabinet with Mirror

This cabinet is essential for every barbershop, it should be said that it is the core of the barbershop. We can see through the mirror how we do hairstyles, and the barber can also use the mirror to judge how to trim our hair. There are many types of these cabinets, some are separate from the mirror, some are combined, and some are with sinks. The type of cabinet can be determined according to your preferences. On the cabinet surface, we can place the tools we need, such as scissors, comb, or hairdryer.

Barbershop High Display Cabinet

This cabinet mainly puts products related to our business such as shampoo, conditioner, essential oil and towel. These are also one of our products. If customers find our products easy to use, they may buy them from us. This is also the way to expand our business. The storage cabinet below can also hold some of our tools. If you sell wigs, we can also use glass display cabinets to display our wigs.

Shampoo Bed

Generally, the shampoo bed is made of metal and leather, and the material is very soft. The customer will be more comfortable when lying down. There is a sink on one side, and the staff can sit in front of the sink and wash the customer’s hair. There is also a more common one is the shampoo chair, I think the shampoo chair is not as comfortable as the shampoo bed, because the shampoo chair can not completely relax the body.

Barber chair

This chair is for customers. You can adjust the height of the barber chair, you can also adjust the angle of the cushion and backrest. Customers can lie on the chair. There are many types of barber chairs, regardless of color, shape, or function. We can choose something similar to our store-style, or we can choose what we like.

Barbershop Summarize

The above is the equipment and furniture that the barbershop will use, and of course, there are other decorations such as ceiling lights or our brand logo. Before we start buying furniture, we can make a design for our store, we all know that furniture can be customized. We can customize some unique furniture that displays our brand because only attractive stores will increase customers. We can produce the furniture we need according to the design drawings, as well as some similar styles of shampoo beds and barber chairs. If you want to design your barbershop, you can contact us. We can according to all your requirements to design your shop and provide the inside furniture.

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