How to connect the wires on the kiosk?

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How to distinguish between live wire, null wire and earth wire?

Color different:

Live wire ( L ): brown color

Null wire ( N ): blue color

Earth wire ( E ): yellow and green color

The difference between a live wire and a null wire is the voltage they apply to the ground. The voltage of a null line to the ground is equal to zero (which itself is connected to the earth). So when one part of the person hits a firing line and the other part is standing on the ground, the voltage between the two parts of the person is 220V, and there’s a risk of electric shock. On the contrary, people use their hands to grasp the null line. If they are standing on the ground, the voltage of the null line to the ground is equal to zero, so the voltage between different parts of the body is equal to zero, and there is no danger of electric shock.

When we ship the kiosk, we will packed the kiosk divided into few parts. After you receive the kiosk, you need to connect the wires together. Wires of the same color are connected together. When you finish all the wire connection, please connect the power supply from your local shipping mall. Then turn on the main power switch the kiosk will work.

Now in order to install more convenient and flexible, we will use the hermaphrodite connector. Please see the below picture what is the hermaphrodite connector. This is good for the customer to install the wires and then don’t need to worried about how to connect it and everything is very convenient.

If you have any problems about the electric wires please feel free to ask me. We are online 24 hours, welcome to inquiry. Thanks for your reading!!!

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