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In addition to solving the problem of rigid demand, customers walking into a barbershop can also be a way of relaxing their lifestyle. Therefore, the design of the hair salon is particularly important to improve customers’ experience in the interior space. The main business model of hair salons is offline experience stores. With the continuous development of society, there are more and more beauty salons now, and the competition is more and more fierce. 

Does the design of a hair salon need to be reasonable and in place to make customers satisfied and like it? How to make their beauty shop attractive is the problem that every businessman is very concerned about. The decoration design of the hairdressing salon will directly affect the management of the salon. It is necessary to design an exclusive decoration style according to the operation characteristics of beauty makeup stores. Today I will share with you the decoration design of the beauty salon, let us know about it together! 

  • Distinctive decoration style   

Now many hair salon decoration design style is relatively simple, popular, and easy to cause visual fatigue to customers. The decoration of the store is the first impression of customers on the salon. General customers will observe the decoration of the store and choose to enter the shop. The simple and atmospheric appearance is the first step to attract customers. Then it is the overall decoration style of the store. Mirrors are a necessity for hair salons. Try to choose some rectangular ones without too much other decoration. It is very important to create an attractive decoration style for the hair salon. The front desk is the first place for customers to see, and should reflect the overall design style of the store, which is a highlight of the store. The overall design can use glass and marble to reflect its unique brand effect. 

Hair salon decoration design is the embodiment of fashion, simple and modern decoration style, simple and atmospheric, and add a little jewelry to decorate, let customers have a bright feeling. For the small area of the hair salon, according to the actual store size design, the design is simple and delicate. For the larger area of the hair salon, you can add modeling, appropriate modeling can make the space design more interesting, and more distinctive. 

  • Suitable hair salon style

The design style of the hair salon is the embodiment of the brand concept of the hair salon. So before determining the space design style, we need to deeply understand the brand culture, brand concept, brand positioning and customer’s idea of brand service of beauty and hair salons, in order to determine what kind of style to show to customers. Instead of choosing whatever style is popular in the market, the rest may not fit your brand. It is necessary to customize the design according to the goals you wish to achieve. The design should pay attention to customers’ consumption experience, which is different from traditional hair salon brands and needs to be customized according to the customer groups of the brand. 

The salons are composed of display cabinets, cash registers, barber areas and other areas, so the spatial structure should be reasonably arranged. In decorating a design, want to use a space reasonably as far as possible, and avoid the waste of the space. A reasonable layout can not only ensure the reasonable display of goods but also increase the beauty of the salon so that the shop looks more orderly. 

  • Hair salon store color matching   

Beauty hair salon shops generally do not pay much attention to the style of decoration, especially to pay attention to the color of the store. Different decorations will have different colors. Most beauty hair shops use cool colors to match. Cool colors are light colors that can be paired with other goods to a greater extent, maximizing the beauty of the beauty hair salon shop.

  • Reasonable lighting design

The cashier area and hairdressing area should be bright enough to show the customer’s skin white, increasing customer satisfaction with the new hairstyle. The light of flushing area, shampoo area can use warm color attune, downy a few, do not want too dazzling. Reasonable use of the space structure of the hair salon, the design of the time to fully consider the arrangement of each area, clean and not messy. 

Lighting is key to creating a shop atmosphere, and hair salons are no exception. Lighting is crucial. Reasonable lighting can not only reflect the beauty of the goods in the salon, attract customers, but also create an atmosphere and increase people’s consumption. Because there are many colors of products in hair salons, white light is the best choice for decoration design. It can not only provide lighting, but also match the color of any product, making the product look more beautiful, and making the shop warmer and more glorious. 

  • Comfortable and quiet environment   

A hair salon is a place where customers spend a lot of time, so the experience gets longer. It takes at least one hour to complete the whole service from entering the shop to consultation and haircut. Therefore, the atmosphere of the salon is very important and affects the customer experience. Space needs to create a comfortable atmosphere, we can focus on light design, space color collocation and space soft outfit design. 

There are many factors to pay attention to in modern hair salon design. These are just a few of the ideas we share for hair salon design. If you want to own a hair salon, we can help you and give you some good advice. 

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