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“How often do you go to the barbershop?” If you do surveys on the street, you will be able to receive different answers. Such as once a month, once every 3 months, or even once a week, etc. Because the barbershop can achieve beautiful styling, cut hair, and even provide services such as shampooing. Now, let’s learn more information about hair shop furniture together.

Barber station is a good place to provide haircutting, hair extension service, and even hairstyling services, etc. Before opening hair salon furniture, the first step is to decorate it and build furniture to match the store. Decoration can not only catch people’s eyes but also show your company’s culture and image. So, please think carefully about the shop decoration. And it’s better to draw a 3D design, you can find a good way to place the barber stations. Can also make good use of the location to make full use of the space.

Description of hair shop furniture:

Entrance decoration

The main color of the hair salon shop is a dark color with golden frame decoration. It improves hair shop level and looks outstanding. Two high display shelves stand near the entrance as a sales window. You can put hair shampoo and take away items here for attracts people. When entering the shop, we can see there is a semicircular reception desk. It serves as both a reception desk and a cash register. Behind it is wall display shelves with light and the brand name also put in the center. The menu can also hang on the wall. Opposite the cash register is a rest area. Clients and their partner can rest for a while.

Inside layout

There are barber stations on both sides, consumers enjoy hair cutting service here directly. Each barber station has metal holes for hair tools. It’s very convenient to use. Between the two stations are display shelves for display attractive items. Upon the barber station, we can see they are attractive hair stylish posters. It with bright light, people can choose the hairstyle of their favorite directly. The center sofa provides more seating area for people. And also makes your shop looks good.

Backside furniture

Shampoo chairs are very important for hair salons. We can see there are 3 shampoo chairs at the backside. It allows many customers to receive shampoo service at the same time and reduce waiting time. That can also help you win the respect of customers. For most hair salons, there is a separate sink and shampoo chair space.

3D design picture show

This hair shop made for a customer from Canada, he liked this design very much at the first sight. Because it matches his style and he also feels happy that we can first turn its ideas into reality. If you are looking for a unique and creative hair shop, please don’t miss this style. And our Unique Furniture Ltd. will also give you a great surprise.

Barber station barber counter hair salon furniture

How to design the hair salon shop?

When our customer contacts us, he told us his requirements for barber station decoration. He even sends us a floor plan and real shop pictures, which help us arrange counters and barber stations properly. It takes near a week to finish this shop design because we want to give a wonderful design to our customers. Our designer sorts our all the good idea before making CAD drawing and check twice before send to our customer. So, the hair shop owner should check the design carefully and confirm it. I need small changes or want to view different colors, we can show them exactly in the design drawing soon. Our main purpose is to provide wonderful shop design, high-quality products, and good service. We will continue to work hard to help more customers open stores

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