Fashion hair salon design customize barber mirror station for sale

There is one word that comes to everyone’s mind when we think of hairdressers, and that word is “fashion”. Yes, it was and is a pursuit of fashion. People always walk in the forefront of fashion imperceptibly, but also constantly pursue fashion, whether it is clothing or environmental requirements, all pursue fashion.

Beauty salon is one of the most obvious fashion, there are many young people who like to go to the salon to cut a fashionable hairstyle. Especially girls, more love to go to the salon to take care of their hair.  So, how to create a high sense of fashion beauty salon decoration design?



This is a fashion hair salon design customize barber mirror station for sale. We all know the traditional barbershop layout tends to stand in the operator’s perspective.

The space layout mainly includes the hairdressing area and waiting area. It seems that the full use of space. But in fact, the customer experience is not good, and the display area of the products is limited.

The decoration of the newest style barbershop should be customer-oriented and put the needs of customers in first place. Especially when facing high-end customers, the spatial layout and functional area should be improved.

A barbershop decoration needs to include the reception counter area, shampoo area, hairdressing area, ironing area, waiting area, product display area and washroom.


Barbershop furniture cannot without tables, chairs, cabinets and other furniture. Modern simple style is mainly practical. When choosing furniture, we should consider whether we need it and whether it is practical.

The furniture in the waiting area also needs to choose the models suitable for the whole shop style. You can choose a comfortable sofa and prepare a coffee bar for the customer.

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