Modern style hair salon store decoration barber shop styling station

The demand for haircuts is great in daily life, especially for men who have to go to the barber for a trim every once in a while. Men and women, young and old, care about their hair. So if you want to start a hair salon, it’s a good idea.

In order to have a good customer experience and repeat customers, barbershops should focus on customer comfort when decorating and designing. So what should barber shop decoration pay attention to? What are the elements of barbershop design?



This barbershop has 3 mirror stations for haircutting. It has a round shape mirror and on the countertop has the sink so the haircutting area and washing area are together. The wall has the wooden display shelf for you to put something. And between each mirror station has a small cabinet for storage.

Near the entrance door has a sofa for the customer to sit and wait. You can provide some foods or coffee and a magazine or newspaper to the customer while they waiting.



The layout of the barber shop we can make it according to your requirement. The Barber shop area can be divided into three areas, one is waiting area, one is washing area, one is cutting area, generally stay in the cutting area for the longest time.

And while cutting the hair can also recommend the new package, new products and so on to customers. So in the washing area to create a clean and tidy atmosphere, in the waiting area to decorate a leisurely and suitable environment. Create a place for people to communicate in the hair section. 

Please welcome to contact us to make a new and unique barbershop design!

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