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The hairstyle is also very important to a person. And the hairstyle needs to be created according to a person’s temperament. Many people now start the hair salon business. Especially after the epidemic, boys’ hair has become very long, and they need to trim their hair.

This is why the number of hair salons seems to have suddenly increased recently. Do you want to open a hair salon too? If you don’t know where to start, please consult our professional sales team, we will do our best to help. I also hope this article can help you get some design ideas for hair salons.


Salon shop display showcase design:

The main color of this barber shop is wood grain. First, you can see the reception desk with the logo of the hairdresser at the entrance, and then the image wall with the advertising TV behind it. You can see that the door has a handle on this image wall because it can also be used for storage.

Next to the cash register are some wall cabinet displays. Composed of stainless steel and glass laminates, these display cabinets are used to display and sell hairdressing products, such as some shampoos, hair care products and so on.
Other areas for the hairdressing styling stations. Also the wood color with mirrors and lights. For the wooden color, we can use a wooden laminate or veneer. They are good materials for the commercial store display furniture.

Good material of the hairdressing salon:

The material of the hairdressing salon station on this shop is plywood with laminate. Another material is the veneer also good material. The base is wood color as you can see from the design. And with a big mirror and some lamps around the mirror. We can offer the barber chairs to you also if you want. If you need other things from China, we can buy them for you and ship them to you together.

Other materials include stainless steel, 8mm tempered glass. Also, all the cabinets have the same lock with key so that you can lock it if you want.

The display stands have glass shelves and we can add the led strip lights on each of the shelves. So that the led strip lights can light up your products for the customer can see them more clearly. The color of lights usually use white color.

About the design deposit

Hairdressing store display furniture and styling stations shop design we will charge 500-800USD design fee. Our design team will make the store fixture design with your shop size and logo or other requirements. Also, after that, we will change the design if we need any changes. The design deposit is a small part of the total cost. So when you order the shop, we will take out the design deposit from the total cost.

When you confirm the final 3d design of the hair salon shop, we will make the construction drawing for you also. The construction drawing includes all the details inside so that we can confirm everything clearly. For example, the material, the color of the display furniture. And the electricity of the whole shop, how to connect the wires of them, the layout and the shop floor plan.


Contact us to start

We are online and we are pleased to receive your idea of the hair salon store. Our company offer the customize and the best service to you. Thank you and we are welcome your inquiry. Please welcome to contact us at email



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