Modern Hairdressing Store Design Hair Salon Shop Interior Decoration

If you want to know how to open a hairdressing shop, here are some of my suggestions for your reference. First of all, you have to rent a place first. A hairdressing shop should be located in a convenient and busy area, with shops around it. And can satisfy your shop positioning (such as boutiques, restaurants, etc.). Choose a place that is convenient for parking and has a beautiful storefront.

Create a relaxed atmosphere. The atmosphere of a hair salon is very important to customers. People look forward to changing hair styles as a kind of enjoyment. Therefore, the experience process should make the guests feel better and better and full of youthful vitality. If your hair salon is monotonous and unpopular, guests will definitely patronize other hair salons. Decide on the overall color and decorations. The walls are painted in bright and bright colors, plus some decorations that make people look happy. Use high-quality mirrors and lighting equipment to give people a brighter and cleaner feeling.

This is a modern and minimalist barbershop. The overall tone is very neat. The combination of white and rose gold stainless steel adds a sense of luxury to the entire store. The design of the store’s image wall is very special, formed by some stainless steel strips, and there are light strips underneath. The design of the reception desk is very simple but beautiful. The whole shop looks very clean, give guests a very comfortable and relaxed feeling. Those hairdressing styling stations we use MDF with baking paint as the basic material and mirrors. We can offer the barber chairs to you also. And then we can ship them together with the hairdressing store furniture. Our company can provide you from design to shippment at one-stop service.



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