Hair Salon Shop Wig Display Wall Cabinet Styling Station For Hairdressing Store

The hairstyle is very important for us, it will affect your temperament. Especially for girls, they care about the hairstyle very much. But now not only for the girls, but many boys also pay attention to their hairstyles. So when you walk on the street, you can see many hair salon shops. They not only do hairdressing but also sell many hair products and wigs. Some girls they will cut their hair but late they want long hair then that is why we need a wig. A wig can help you to change the hairstyle as you like.

If you want to open a hair salon shop, please feel free to contact us. First, please follow with me the below 3D design of the modern style hairdressing store. This is a hairdressing store with about 80 square meters. The entrance for the cashier counter or we called the reception desk also. The back of the reception desk of the hair salon shop we have a feature wall, we can put your brand logo here. So that the customer can see and know which brand you are. On both sides of the wall, we have the wall display showcase for the hair care products and wigs.

In the middle of the hairdressing shop, we have many hair styling stations. They are back to back and have 8-10 stations. The material of those hair styling stations is basic material MDF and surface we will use stone. The stone we can use Corian, quartz stone, or marble stone. Near the styling stations, we have the sitting area for the customer to wait and rest. The material of the sitting area we will use wood as the basic material with a sofa. For the sitting area, it must comfortable so that the customer can relax and feel comfortable.




Contact person: Amy Chen
Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142
WeChat ID: ShenzhenUnique

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