Classical Wood Texture Hair Styling Shop Counter for Sale

Hair salon services have become popular nowadays. Everyone has to take care of their hair regularly, and men are more inclined to cut their hair to maintain style. And girls usually like to do various shapes. It’s a great idea to open a hair styling shop and make fortune.

Unique hair styling shop design

The planning and design of a new store are very important, it determines whether your store can become the focus of everyone. This is why it often takes time and effort to confirm the design. Of course, if you have your own ideas, everything will become easier.

hair styling shop

mirror counter Before entering the shop, we can see metal display shelves in front of the sales window. You can place hot sale products here. On the left side wall, we can see many barber stations with mirrors. The top has a semi-circular metal frame shape style, while the bottom has drawers and a working table to put hair tools. You can also put frequently used items in the drawer for easy access.

The reception desk is on the right side of the cabinet, the color matches the barbershop decoration. This way you can see every customer who enters the store. It can also be used as a cash register. Besides, the image wall is usually set at the back to impress people. Next to it is a waiting area with sofas and tables, where customers can wait for service and escorts or sit down and rest. Behind the sofa is a metal display stand, popular products and decorations are placed on it to make your shop upscale.

barber chair

Shampoo chair set inside the hair shop, which uses a frosted glass room divider to separate it from the work area. So it looks like a small room, and people can’t see from outside. This can keep the customer’s privacy and make each part more independent.

hair furniture

More information:

The whole shop is in the classic style of wood grain, which looks very old. The art grass design adds vitality to the shop. The main material of the hairstyling counter is Plywood, the surface material is solid wood and wood veneer. And wood grain can bring a different texture to the store. Warm-toned spotlights can well contrast the atmosphere of the shop. This is why we need to pay attention to the decoration of the store.

How to get a hairstyling shop?

Design steps:

First, tell us your requirements for the hairstyling shop. We know more about your ideas, the better the design of your shop will be. Especially, when you share a layout of each area, we can full fill the furniture accordingly.

Second, pay the design fee and start designing. An 80sqm barbershop needs a 600usd design fee, it will use as a production deposit. The design follows your needs and needs about 5 business days.

Third, making 3D models. Our designers will organize all your ideas first, and then reasonably reflect them on the design drawings. Whenever you still need small changes, we can help you modify them soon. Because we want to help you choose the most desired design

Finally, finish the detailed drawing according to the 3D model. That’s the final 3D design drawing. The production is also based on it and guide you to place them.

Production details:

We should first make wood bodies, you can initially see the shape of salon furniture. Then do the surface decoration. This step requires different processes to process different surface materials so that they can present the best results. Our workers are professionally trained and possess superb skills, I believe you will like our products. The last step is the assembly light and clean hair station. Every process will take pictures to show you. Thank you for reading, and hope you can get perfect furniture.

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