Retro style hair salon store decoration hairdressing station

The barber shop is a place that every one of us frequents. We know that the first thing to attract the customer to come into your shop is the hair salon shop design. So how to make a hair salon shop design and what should we make attention to?

If you are looking for some ideas for the barber shop design, you can find some ideas from us. Now let us see a retro style hair salon store decoration hairdressing station design.



Barbershop layout can be mainly divided into a reception area, hair washing area, hair dyeing area, perm area, product area, rest area, etc. The reception area is the shop image, reflecting the overall grade of the barbershop. General reception area design in the door, and reception desk design needs to be consistent with the barber shop decoration style.  

The haircutting area of the hair salon shop is some mirrors on the wall with some small cabinets to put the tools. It has a display rack for you to sell some hair care products. And the hair washing area is on the inside space. We can arrange the shop layout with your ideas.



Our company can offer a customized hair salon store design for you. Please send us if you have the floor plan or the shop size of the barber shop. Our design team will make a new 3d model of the shop according to your shop size.

The designer will make the hair salon store with your favorite style and we can make the changes if you want. For a customized barber shop design will charge a 500-1000USD design deposit. We welcome any idea from you about the hair salon store.

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